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Israeli Gas Masks

The Israeli Gas Mask is recognized around the world as being the highest quality military surplus gas mask. Citizens and soldiers in Israel are issued gas masks so that every man, woman, and child in Israel has protection from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. We have been importing and selling Israeli gas masks for over a decade and recognize the value these Israeli Gas Masks bring to the United States.
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Description / Israeli Gas Masks

The Israeli Gas Mask is produced and issued so frequently in Israel that most surplus masks are very recently manufactured. Most other military surplus gas masks are much older and may not have all of the technical enhancements that are now common on modern military gas masks. Israeli defense doctrine calls for the entire nation to be prepared and routinely evaluates equipment for upgrades, so you can rest assured that these modern military gas masks are of the highest grade.

Like all quality modern military gas masks, the Israeli Gas Mask utilizes NATO standard 40mm gas mask filters. We maintain the largest stockpile of gas mask filters of this type, so you can be assured of a continued supply of filters for your Israeli Gas Mask. You can also find storage bags, hydration attachment tubes, and much more available that have all been designed to work with the Israeli Gas Mask.

  • Authentic Israeli Gas Mask
  • Recently Imported - Not Decades Old Stock
  • Available for Immediate Delivery
  • Accepts Standard NATO 40mm Gas Mask Filters

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPORT SALES. Do not even bother placing an order if you are not in United States. By placing an order, you have agreed that you will not export this product without proper export license.

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Manufacturer Israeli Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Great mask, hope to never need it but a good feeling to know I have for all my family in case we need it
Review by Alan
The package came in a timely manner and was pleased with the quality and the fit. We have one for every family member and a couple extra in case we have company.
Great mask, hope to never need it but a good feeling to know I have for all my family in case we need it
Review by Alan
The package came in a timely manner and was pleased with the quality and the fit. We have one for every family member and a couple extra in case we have company.
Must have product
Review by Dimitry
In the light of recent events, I felt the need to have one in my truck. Better safe than sorry!
Good Mask, Good Value
Review by Ben
The mask came as depicted, with filter. It seems to work well enough (I tested the seal using a vinegar solution). My only complaint with the mask is that the filters do not come with a printed expiration date, just a manufacturing date. However I would say this mask is a good buy overall.
Good for me
Review by Jack
It a good mask, The lens was a bit scratched. But nothing too bad.
Good gas mask
Review by matthew
There is not much to say, except it is a good gas mask. Comes new in sealed package. The only downside is this is a regular gas mask to protect the general population, so using it in a tactical situation is a little hard. Field of view is small. I knew that when buying it. My next one will be the military one. This is good as a backup or for someone else with you that doesn't have one.
good value for your money
Review by flexcat67
masks arrived quickly. masks seal good. no way to tell the expiration date of the filters but I have no doubt that with a good filter the masks would do their job. pared with a Tyvek chem suit your well protected
Great masks, filter needs a exp. date
Review by Endure2theEnd
We ordered 2 of these masks. They came in a timely manner, and fit well - but one of the filter canisters arrived without an expiration date - so we have no way to know when it will expire (or if it already has).
Great Gas Mask
Review by Brett
This mask is a great addition to a collection. Probably the most comfortable mask on the market
Searched for months, best price I found!
Review by fireboy
Ordered 6 of these mask. All in great condition. 2 had some small scratches on the eye piece lens, but they will work fine if ever needed. The filters that
came with the mask are not dated, so we are using them to practice with. I
also ordered additional filter for each mask and they are good till 2020 and
all came vacuum sealed. I also order the drinking tubes for the mask at the
same time. We now have mask bags in our vehicles and at home which
include in each one Israeli mask, two filters, one water tube. Attached to the
bags are 2 quart canteen with cap to match the drinking tube for the vehicles. But for home we put 1 quart canteen. The gas mask bag we are
using is Keepshooting's FGMB Finnish Gas Mask Bag, works great!
top notch quality
Review by Mike
This mask is by far the best I've come across. While it did not come with a drinking tube, which is at the time out of stock, it's designed in such a way that a speech diaphragm isn't even needed that much. I have trouble finding anything wrong about it other than minor storage difficulties.
Top Quality
Review by Jon
These masks appear to new as described. The fit is excellent. I was not able to smell the test fragrance at all even though I had two-day stubble. When I took the masks off, I was overwhelmed by the stench I'd created.

I've read that it's difficult to see out of these; while maybe not as good as other masks with wider eyelets, the peripheral vision with these is more than adequate. I did not have to crane my neck to move around the house.
Nothing beats this value.
Review by Jake
Great value. Great quality. Not much more to be said about this mask.
Great gas mask
Review by Xavier
Wow well worth the price best gas mask i have bought and very close to the real deal!
If nothing else, get this mask!
Review by CPT Gray Wolf
If you needed it, this mask could save your life. It seals well and is not uncomfortable to wear. The lenses don't fog, which is good, and the straps are elastic, so the mask doesn't become loose. The materials are high quality, and it performed well under various tests with aerosols, fine powders, and reactive gasses. There are only a few issues that I can see. The mouthpiece for the drinking tube seems as though it may be difficult to reach while wearing the mask. Also the lenses seem to be an acrylic material, and therefor scratch easily, as well as the lack of a voice diaphragm may make it difficult for others to understand you.

Stop reading now and click buy!
Review by Travis
Why are you still reading reviews? This is the best deal on the internet. Need more info? I got 4 of these and they were all brand new. They also came with trainer filters (i.e. expired) and brand new sealed ones. You cannot go wrong. You will not find them new or cheaper elsewhere. Buy it already!!
Great Buy!
Review by RANDALL
This mask came brand new,very good mask just what i needed,rubber is great,And i like the broken seal filter so i can get use to breathing with mask, And the sealed filter that is not expired. Good value and price.
Great product
Review by The Doctor
Would recommend 100 times out of 100. Only thing I feel I should mention, you might want to get the drinking tube as well, as this does not come with one (Though it does have a spot for one). Very glad to have bought it.
Terrific Bargain!!
Review by GlockGuyTexas
These masks, at least the two I received, were BRAND NEW. I was an NBC specialist way back when and I know new from cleaned real good and sold as new. Top quality functioning protective masks, and I bought extra filters also. And go ahead and purchase the drinking straw to go with your NATO style canteen with the flip up lid for NBC use. I was able to easily achieve and maintain a good tight seal and tested the fit and seal with banana oil and couldn't smell a thing. I think every citizen in the U.S. should own one. *You never need a protective mask until YOU REALLY NEED A PROTECTIVE MASK!
Nifty Mask
Review by James
I purchased 2 of these masks. One for me and one for my wife. I plan on using them for Halloween, and was actually shocked at how well they fit. They arrived in what looks like used condition, but perfectly functional. One just looked dusty, but the other had some light scratched on the rubber and one of the lenses.

They form an airtight seal around the face, and they fit like a glove. I was also surprised at how comfortable they are. I actually wore one of them for about an hour before taking it off again.

They came with 2 opened filters and 2 sealed, unopened filters. I am happy about this because I can use the opened filters for Halloween and keep the others for emergencies.

I am very happy with my purchase.
Solid fit, feel.
Review by Dan
Great value for anyone looking for a gas mask for whatever purpose. The price is amazing considering how tight a seal it makes around your nose and mouth. Visibility is above average for any civilian-grade mask, and I'm not sure if dropping another 20$ to get the military version would be really worth it (larger eyes). The only downside might be the center placement of the filter which might interfere with some user's cheek-welds when looking through rifle sights. I did not have this problem, but I could see how some people might, depending upon their stance and rifle type.
Simply amazing value...
Review by Michael
I received this mint condition gas mask the other day after have done a lot of research on how to get a "new" styled gas mask and not something from the cold war. I came across this and ordered it.. the value is just unbeatable, and the quality is amazing. From what I understand, the military version is a bit better, but in all honesty this gas mask will cover you for just about anything you need to. Comes with an old filter attached to the mask already, and a brand new NATO filtered un-sealed still in it's vacuum pack! One tip I will give you, go ahead and add the Israeli "drinking straw" to your order as well.. as it's not included with this purchase.. but there is a spot on the gas mask for the drinking tube.. and it just doesn't make sense not to get it. I will be ordering another NATO filter as soon as they are back in stock. Just to have a backup, and peace of mind.. because that is exactly what this gas mask offers.. PEACE OF MIND. These things are getting harder and harder to come by.. don't hesitate for a moment, get them while you can.. because the government is trying to put a stop to sales like these.. for no good reason as usual. So stock up, and PREPARE!

The gas mask itself is absolute TOP quality, fits perfectly, very secure, no leaks.. I'm so very pleased I bought it.. and I feel a deep sense of relief.
Great all around
Review by Tom
Not as good as the the military version but still a great mask. Super easy to put on and tighten. Plus it has a drinking tube attachment. What else do you need?
Best Gas Mask Ever
Review by Timothy
This is the lowest price that I have seen for the Israeli civilian gas mask so I bought it. It arrived 3 days after I ordered it. Very impressed with the quality and price!!
Great product
Review by Kenny
It's comfortable to wear for long periods of time (Even more so if you have the drinking tube), and it looks really neat. On top of that all, it's functional. Any shortcomings it may have (I haven't found any) are made up for by the incredibly low price. Keep at it, KS.
Great Mask
Review by Dave
Not an expert on gas masks. However, I haven't seen it's equal at anywhere near this price point.
Review by Rassilon
Wow. Where to begin. First off, it's comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time with no issue, it's not hot and stuffy and I could breathe just fine. Second, the drinking tube. Rubber, not plastic, very high quality, with a neat little seal so the offending gas cannot get in through the tube. It also attaches/detaches easily. My only nitpick is the interior drinking spout is a struggle to get into the mouth, but it's doable. Also, I was expecting 100+ dollars for a decent gas mask, so imagine my surprise when I came across this! All in all, great product, I rate it a six out of five, would recommend to a friend.
good deal for the price
Review by Roland
i ordered two of these for my wife and I, one came in brand new shape, the other came in slightly used, we both tried them on and both were a great fit, easy to put on and easy to breath in, only drawback i can say is the lenses were slightly scratched but i can do with that. Will definitely be ordering more mask from this site for family members. Here's to hoping we never have to use them!
Blocks bad odors, not beard friendly
Review by KP Duty
I ordered one of these to do a particularly odorous job a few years ago. I confess I probably looked crazy, but I was the only one not gagging, these do work. Periodically I’ll use it again with a new filter, still going strong. A Beard will cause a problem having a tight seal, makes me wonder what the Orthodox Jews use, because if they had to use one of these they’d be out of luck.
Great Deal
Review by Mo
I was skeptical about buying this mask but once it arrived, I have to say I couldn't be happier, excellent mask works great and you cant beat the price, great deal!!!
Costs much less here
Review by Ethan
Bought one of these israeli gas masks at a surplus store, ran me $60 at the time, without a filter. Keepshooting's got a MUCH better deal. High quality, too.
Great prep gear
Review by Richard
I purchased four of these last year. Three were in great condition. I had one that would not seal but the folks at keepshooting were nice enough to replaced the mask.
Excellent Gas Mask
Review by rodney
Got this mask for my wife. If the SHTF she will be using this one because of the easy filter change-out. Came with a 1988 NATO (German?) filter sealed in plastic bag with German writing on the bag. I am going to see If I can find some newer filters. Also came with a sealed Israeli filter (much smaller). Lady at KS said they were the filters that came with masks and even though the seals are intact, they were not in a sealed factory bag like the NATO filter so it's included as a training filter. I would save it for a last ditch filter, looks to be still OK, tabs still on them. Very good. I tested the seal around my face , A-OK. However there is no carry bag with this mask. Buy it. I have two M10 masks for my son and myself, it's easier to use with pistol/rifle, no big filter sticking out the front. However, this is a good goof proof mask, easy to use and looks to be unissued, at least the one I received.
I plan on buying a few more of these masks in the future.
great gas mask
Review by Daniel
great gas mask i keep one in my bug out kit and will be buying another.!
Worth buying
Review by Waldemar
Have bought six so far and all have arrived looking completely brand new. I have looked elsewhere and the prices are ridiculous three or four times more expensive and not in half as good a shape. Now I'm ordering for some friends, just cant beat the price.
What a deal
Review by Josh
I was really impressed with the quality and condition of product. No signs of wear. Rubber is in perfect condition. I bought one as a test product but I will now stock up for entire family Thanks K.S. Good find!.
Worth every cent
Review by John
Not the most comfortable gas mask out there, but it gets the job done. I would recommend users to make sure that they have a way to make a skin tight seal around the gas mask, otherwise air will go through the edges.

Although I would probably never have to use this, I'm certain that someone someday will give anything to have one of these.
pretty good
Review by Sean
Cant beat it for the price
Great mask!
Review by Conrad
First of all, I opened my box from keepshooting (two days after I ordered it might I add) to find an unissued gas mask in excellent condition. I proceeded to put it on, and realized that it was actually comfortable! There's something about paying half the price of other sites that makes a gas mask feel a lot better. Keepshooting comes through once again! Thanks!
The All Day Mask
Review by Gun Nut
I have been able to drive my car for one hour with this mask and could have gone much farther, except I reached my destination. This works to filter anything too.
great mask for price
Review by Marcel
this mask works and is of best value compared to other mask in price range
nice item and good price
Review by Mike
The rubber was all supple and fresh, no signs of age or drying, very simple to use and compact. We are not too far from a nuclear power plant so I figured why not get a few. May get a few more to share if needed.
Review by justin
The mask and filter are excellent for the price. Army has nothing on this site :)
Nice mask
Review by Marcus
Good price for NOS. My Three Looked brand new for there age. Still have many years of life if kept properly stored.
Worth every penny for something you hope to never have to use.
Wish they included drinking tube though
Perfect for BOB
Review by Jose USMCR
Perfect for your bug out bag! Made of rubber which wont affect those allergic to latex. Have some for whole family. Great buy. Looked new or unused. Shipping is super quick. I trust this site completely.
Great price for a top quality mask
Review by Michael
High quality product in new condition. Fits like a glove with easy to use quick adjustment straps. New NATO filter included. I don't think there is a better deal on this type of mask anywhere on the internet.
Great price!
Review by Nate-X
Purchased two of these. They both came in great condition.
great product
Review by jeremiah
Bought a couple of these,brand new masks at a great price,couldn't be happier, thank you keep shooting.
Great quality snug and fitting.
Review by preston
Great gas mask. Quite form fitting. All seems like brand new. A wonderful price for such quality.
Review by Jonathan
Came decently fast, fits very well, inside smells alright too, no wear, clean lenses, I love it!
good so far
Review by daniel
This is an awesome mask indeed! The mask is really good quality. The rubber is very thick and the filter looks brand new. I have added it to my bug out bag. Anyway i can keep my glasses on my face and also speak quite clearly. if there is a gas attack or a viral out-break, i will put a review for how well it worked. Given there is internet and a humanity left to read it and and that's the scariest part. i don't think the apocalypse is going to have Wifi. Anyway the point is I would recommend the mask for price, value and quality. Buy it and put it on your face.
Got my money's worth!
Review by Dunthyon
Great price, came in the original pack, and I saw nothing wrong with it. The neck strap is also very convenient for when you've gotta carry it around.
Don't just buy one!
Review by Southernboy
Great deal, I have one for my wife and I also bought the kids one too. Better to have one and never need it then to need it and not have one...
why not get it??
Review by James
Definitely worth the price. I saved money on this to buy other gear. After seeing the quality of it I'll probably get a few more.It will fog up a little. It fits nicely in a bag w/ the filter unattached.
Better get one while can!
Review by Chad
I'd rather of bought one of these for $20 then buy one for $100+ seen same thing in other catalogs.
Good enough for me
Review by james
I had a Russian surplus before that was of inferior quality.
This is much better and will trust it. Doubt if ever will use it but i bought an additional 3 more for the family for "just in case".
great mask for the price
Review by david
i got this mask for a Halloween costume to answer the door with fits great comes with drinking tube and brand new filter vary nice
just in case
Review by Reddevil
I ordered one of these a couple weeks to check out the quality,and I was surprised,with the quality. If your looking for a good gas mask,this is it. Priced great and uses standard NATO threads,so filter options are unlimited.
Great mask, great price.
Review by ERB
Great quality, was in original packaging with no noticeable wear, and the price is the best I have seen. Also fits snugly with adjustable straps. Great deal!
Excellent !!!
Review by JAMES
Excellent gas masks.....Excellent price......!!!!
Cheap Quality!
Review by 7.62x51NATO
Cheaper than dirt are selling this mask for $100!! Mine from keep shooting came in original packaging never used. Ditto for the filter. Fits great on me. (20yr old 6'3" 180lbs) I'm a farmer and use this for dust/powder/small grain type pesticide and completely protects you. Regular N95 filter masks work OK but this protects your eyes. Plus I have confidence it will work as intended against tear gas and other biological weapons. Great product and fast shipping.
Great Mask!
Review by EDSLocklear
I have owned this mask for awhile, and it is totally worth the $20! While you can't guarantee surplus masks will work, they are a cheaper alternative if you are assembling a Halloween costume.

This mask differs from others due to it's straps. A good way to test the seal is to tighten it however, then cover the mouthpiece with your hand and breathe. If it "Collapses" or "Crumples" into your face, you have a good seal. If not, tighten and try again. Be sure to remove the plastic strips from your filter before inserting, though, I heard that people suffocated forgetting to do that.
Essential mask with quality and convenience with great price.
Review by Rocky
This is an excellent price for quality and it being essential if needed. It fits on my little brother and myself. Fit's perfect and snug with convenient adjustable straps, so if you do need to use it, you won't have to worry about fumbling with the straps. I recommend this to someone to add to a survival or bug out bag, or just for the sake of curiosity, while supplies last.
great mask
Review by dave
i've had one of these for quite some time. these masks fit very well and are priced right. you'll need a spare filter as well and keep shooting has those too at a reasonable price.
great mask
Review by dave
this is my first mask i bought. fit is great and it works well. 20 bucks is the cheapest price i've seen anywhere. don't know why the occupy protesters aren't buying all of these up!!
I know this mask!!
Review by Israeli Citizen
I was issued this same mask when I was living in Israel. While I never needed to wear it, it was the best mask we were ever issued. How do I know? We had instructions on it use and the history behind it.

I would trust my life with this mask!

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