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Israeli Gas Masks

The Israeli Gas Mask is recognized around the world as being the highest quality military surplus gas mask. Citizens and soldiers in Israel are issued gas masks so that every man, woman, and child in Israel has protection from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. We have been importing and selling Israeli gas masks for over a decade and recognize the value these Israeli Gas Masks bring to the United States.

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Description / Israeli Gas Masks

The Israeli Gas Mask is produced and issued so frequently in Israel that most surplus masks are very recently manufactured. Most other military surplus gas masks are much older and may not have all of the technical enhancements that are now common on modern military gas masks. Israeli defense doctrine calls for the entire nation to be prepared and routinely evaluates equipment for upgrades, so you can rest assured that these modern military gas masks are of the highest grade.

Like all quality modern military gas masks, the Israeli Gas Mask utilizes NATO standard 40mm gas mask filters. We maintain the largest stockpile of gas mask filters of this type, so you can be assured of a continued supply of filters for your Israeli Gas Mask. You can also find storage bags, hydration attachment tubes, and much more available that have all been designed to work with the Israeli Gas Mask.

  • Authentic Israeli Gas Mask
  • Recently Imported - Not Decades Old Stock
  • Available for Immediate Delivery
  • Accepts Standard NATO 40mm Gas Mask Filters

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPORT SALES. Do not even bother placing an order if you are not in United States. By placing an order, you have agreed that you will not export this product without proper export license.

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Brand Israeli Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

top notch quality
Review by Mike
Verified Buyer
This mask is by far the best I've come across. While it did not come with a drinking tube, which is at the time out of stock, it's designed in such a way that a speech diaphragm isn't even needed that much. I have trouble finding anything wrong about it other than minor storage difficulties.
Top Quality
Review by Jon
Verified Buyer
These masks appear to new as described. The fit is excellent. I was not able to smell the test fragrance at all even though I had two-day stubble. When I took the masks off, I was overwhelmed by the stench I'd created.

I've read that it's difficult to see out of these; while maybe not as good as other masks with wider eyelets, the peripheral vision with these is more than adequate. I did not have to crane my neck to move around the house.
Nothing beats this value.
Review by Jake
Verified Buyer
Great value. Great quality. Not much more to be said about this mask.
Great gas mask
Review by Xavier
Verified Buyer
Wow well worth the price best gas mask i have bought and very close to the real deal!
If nothing else, get this mask!
Review by CPT Gray Wolf
Verified Buyer
If you needed it, this mask could save your life. It seals well and is not uncomfortable to wear. The lenses don't fog, which is good, and the straps are elastic, so the mask doesn't become loose. The materials are high quality, and it performed well under various tests with aerosols, fine powders, and reactive gasses. There are only a few issues that I can see. The mouthpiece for the drinking tube seems as though it may be difficult to reach while wearing the mask. Also the lenses seem to be an acrylic material, and therefor scratch easily, as well as the lack of a voice diaphragm may make it difficult for others to understand you.

Stop reading now and click buy!
Review by Travis
Verified Buyer
Why are you still reading reviews? This is the best deal on the internet. Need more info? I got 4 of these and they were all brand new. They also came with trainer filters (i.e. expired) and brand new sealed ones. You cannot go wrong. You will not find them new or cheaper elsewhere. Buy it already!!
Great Buy!
Review by RANDALL
Verified Buyer
This mask came brand new,very good mask just what i needed,rubber is great,And i like the broken seal filter so i can get use to breathing with mask, And the sealed filter that is not expired. Good value and price.
Great product
Review by The Doctor
Verified Buyer
Would recommend 100 times out of 100. Only thing I feel I should mention, you might want to get the drinking tube as well, as this does not come with one (Though it does have a spot for one). Very glad to have bought it.
Terrific Bargain!!
Review by GlockGuyTexas
Verified Buyer
These masks, at least the two I received, were BRAND NEW. I was an NBC specialist way back when and I know new from cleaned real good and sold as new. Top quality functioning protective masks, and I bought extra filters also. And go ahead and purchase the drinking straw to go with your NATO style canteen with the flip up lid for NBC use. I was able to easily achieve and maintain a good tight seal and tested the fit and seal with banana oil and couldn't smell a thing. I think every citizen in the U.S. should own one. *You never need a protective mask until YOU REALLY NEED A PROTECTIVE MASK!
Nifty Mask
Review by James
Verified Buyer
I purchased 2 of these masks. One for me and one for my wife. I plan on using them for Halloween, and was actually shocked at how well they fit. They arrived in what looks like used condition, but perfectly functional. One just looked dusty, but the other had some light scratched on the rubber and one of the lenses.

They form an airtight seal around the face, and they fit like a glove. I was also surprised at how comfortable they are. I actually wore one of them for about an hour before taking it off again.

They came with 2 opened filters and 2 sealed, unopened filters. I am happy about this because I can use the opened filters for Halloween and keep the others for emergencies.

I am very happy with my purchase.

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