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Israeli Gas Masks

The Israeli Gas Mask is recognized around the world as being the highest quality military surplus gas mask. Citizens and soldiers in Israel are issued gas masks so that every man, woman, and child in Israel has protection from nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. We have been importing and selling Israeli gas masks for over a decade and recognize the value these Israeli Gas Masks bring to the United States.

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The Israeli Gas Mask is produced and issued so frequently in Israel that most surplus masks are very recently manufactured. Most other military surplus gas masks are much older and may not have all of the technical enhancements that are now common on modern military gas masks. Israeli defense doctrine calls for the entire nation to be prepared and routinely evaluates equipment for upgrades, so you can rest assured that these modern military gas masks are of the highest grade.

Like all quality modern military gas masks, the Israeli Gas Mask utilizes NATO standard 40mm gas mask filters. We maintain the largest stockpile of gas mask filters of this type, so you can be assured of a continued supply of filters for your Israeli Gas Mask. You can also find storage bags, hydration attachment tubes, and much more available that have all been designed to work with the Israeli Gas Mask.

  • Authentic Israeli Gas Mask
  • Recently Imported - Not Decades Old Stock
  • Available for Immediate Delivery
  • Accepts Standard NATO 40mm Gas Mask Filters

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPORT SALES. Do not even bother placing an order if you are not in United States. By placing an order, you have agreed that you will not export this product without proper export license.

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Brand Israeli Army Surplus
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Customer Reviews

Costs much less here
Review by Ethan
Verified Buyer
Bought one of these israeli gas masks at a surplus store, ran me $60 at the time, without a filter. Keepshooting's got a MUCH better deal. High quality, too.
Great prep gear
Review by Richard
Verified Buyer
I purchased four of these last year. Three were in great condition. I had one that would not seal but the folks at keepshooting were nice enough to replaced the mask.
Excellent Gas Mask
Review by rodney
Verified Buyer
Got this mask for my wife. If the SHTF she will be using this one because of the easy filter change-out. Came with a 1988 NATO (German?) filter sealed in plastic bag with German writing on the bag. I am going to see If I can find some newer filters. Also came with a sealed Israeli filter (much smaller). Lady at KS said they were the filters that came with masks and even though the seals are intact, they were not in a sealed factory bag like the NATO filter so it's included as a training filter. I would save it for a last ditch filter, looks to be still OK, tabs still on them. Very good. I tested the seal around my face , A-OK. However there is no carry bag with this mask. Buy it. I have two M10 masks for my son and myself, it's easier to use with pistol/rifle, no big filter sticking out the front. However, this is a good goof proof mask, easy to use and looks to be unissued, at least the one I received.
I plan on buying a few more of these masks in the future.
great gas mask
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
great gas mask i keep one in my bug out kit and will be buying another.!
Worth buying
Review by Waldemar
Verified Buyer
Have bought six so far and all have arrived looking completely brand new. I have looked elsewhere and the prices are ridiculous three or four times more expensive and not in half as good a shape. Now I'm ordering for some friends, just cant beat the price.
What a deal
Review by Josh
Verified Buyer
I was really impressed with the quality and condition of product. No signs of wear. Rubber is in perfect condition. I bought one as a test product but I will now stock up for entire family Thanks K.S. Good find!.
Worth every cent
Review by John
Verified Buyer
Not the most comfortable gas mask out there, but it gets the job done. I would recommend users to make sure that they have a way to make a skin tight seal around the gas mask, otherwise air will go through the edges.

Although I would probably never have to use this, I'm certain that someone someday will give anything to have one of these.
pretty good
Review by Sean
Verified Buyer
Cant beat it for the price
Great mask!
Review by Conrad
Verified Buyer
First of all, I opened my box from keepshooting (two days after I ordered it might I add) to find an unissued gas mask in excellent condition. I proceeded to put it on, and realized that it was actually comfortable! There's something about paying half the price of other sites that makes a gas mask feel a lot better. Keepshooting comes through once again! Thanks!
The All Day Mask
Review by Gun Nut
Verified Buyer
I have been able to drive my car for one hour with this mask and could have gone much farther, except I reached my destination. This works to filter anything too.

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