Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask

Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask

Israeli M-15 gas mask kits, just in from Israel. These are military masks that have been the standard issue protective mask for years in Israel. Designed to give greater comfort and wider field-of-view for performing complex tasks while wearing it.

Description / Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask

The Israeli Military Gas Mask is considered to be the best of the best. No other country lives under such threats that require protection from chemical weapons attacks. This military gas mask will be an excellent addition to any bug out bag or emergency disaster kit.

* Made of soft rubber, fully adjustable for a snug fit on any sized face.
* Mask with filter will protect against nuclear, biological and chemical agents.
* Designed to be worn during evacuation drills, filter lasts approximately 8 hours after breaking seal

An excellent collectible item!

ABSOLUTELY NO EXPORT SALES. Do not even bother placing an order if you are not in United States. By placing an order, you have agreed that you will not export this product without proper export license.

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Manufacturer Israeli Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Probably the best out there
Review by Dave
I got this as a just-in-case. probably the best one out there - especially for the money. It is in perfect shape and fits really well. Like others have said, good luck finding the drinking hose inside when you need it. You'd have to stick it in your mouth while putting it on and then bite down and never let go. I bought the canteen along with it but may never be able to use it. That is the ONLY flaw in this mask. It should do what you need it to when you need it to do it. Don't forget to get the nice French Military Gas Mask Bag to go with it - it's a great fit as well. Get them while you can!
Good, is as advertised
Review by Gunnar
First off, I'm not an expert, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. The mask I received is in very good condition and is dated 1988. The filter it comes with is expired, but sealed on the ends. However, since the mask is of the 40mm NATO standard, new filters are readily available. You get pretty good field of view with this mask as the eyepieces are very large. Some sources may say that if your mask is over 20 years old it is unsafe, however, I don't see any reason a mask wouldn't still be good as long as the rubber and exhale valves are in good condition. Also I don't see how after 20 years a mask, suddenly and magically, becomes unsafe. I tested the mask with the filter it came with and at the very least it kept out the smell of rubbing alcohol and soldering fumes. Unfortunately, I don't have any nuclear bombs, biological weapons, or chemical weapons to give this mask the ultimate stress test. However, with a new filter, I suspect this mask will still put you in a much better situation than your unmasked brethren, if it doesn't leave you completely unscathed. My only complaint is the design of the drinking tube. The actual hose you drink out of inside the mask is a pain to actually get in your mouth, but, honestly, if I'm ever in a situation where I am going to be wearing the mask so long that using the drinking tube is necessary; I'll probably be dead anyway.
Review by Alexander
This is a good price for a mask that functions and looks good. The rubber is in excellent condition, and the straps are extremely comfortable. The filter that comes with it is expired, though.
Review by eugene
m15 great buy ,got the extra canisters but thought they would be newer than 2002.there good for 7 more years
Is as advertised
Review by William
I picked one of these up and it is absolutely brand-new, great buy!!! I'll be purchasing another one for my girlfriend.... She thinks it's stupid but she'll be singing a different tune if something happens.... better safe than sorry right?
Excellent Mask
Review by Mark
I received the M15 mask on March 15, 2014. It was manufactured in 1988, the strapping, which is part of the package was made in 1987, and the filter expired in 1993. I was hoping I would get a more recently manufactured mask, but no joy. I am happy with the one I received though. It does look brand new, the rubber is pliable and has no cracking, the lenses are clear and all seals are sealing as they should. The filter may still be good for smoke or tear gas but I would not trust it for NBC use. I will be ordering a recently manufactured filter, I have seen them with 2018 expiration dates.
Since I have a fairly thin face for an adult the mask leaked air on both sides at eye level (the mask has the number 2 stamped into it, so probably size 2). I took pieces of 1/8 th. inch thick black foam rubber weatherstripping (not the easily compressed white foam weatherstripping, but real rubber) and secured it in between where the rubber of the mask folds over at eye level (if you have the mask you will know what I mean). Once I did that I had a seal so tight I could have suffocated myself if the air intake was closed off and I could not remove the mask.
I think this Israeli mask offers more than any mask out there considering it has a water tube and a speaking apparatus.
Great mask!
Review by Sean
Great Deal
Review by Chris
02 manufacture date, filter was an 08, and comes with the drinking tube attachment. Filter is the unfinished aluminum.
Appears brand new, no dry rot to the rubber or any other degradation noted. A fine piece would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable mask at a decent price.
Modern, yet inexpensive
Review by Perry
A lot of modern gas masks you see are unreasonably overpriced. This is definitely the exception, and I recommend it to anyone who wants an effective gas mask for a cheaper price. The mask has it all; Adjustability, comfort, an easy to use drinking device and a voice piece on the front that makes it easier for those around you to hear you. Probably the best mask I've owned, highly recommended if you don't want to get something that's more than a hundred dollars.
Review by Michael
Just got 2 of these for the wife and I. Price was great, quality was Better then new. it came in about 3 day which was very fast. I hope and pray we never have to use these.
Review by Michael
Just ordered 2 of these for the wife and I. Fits great. Comfortable. I do hope and pray that we never have to use them. package came in about 3 days which was extremely fast. Price was excellent. Quality was better then new!!
Outstanding Military Quality Mask
Review by Michael
Very high quality military level mask in new condition. Fits like a glove with easy to use quick adjustment straps. New sealed NATO filter included. This one has much better lateral visibility than the civilian version. I don't think there is a better deal on this type of mask anywhere on the internet.
Fits great, easy to use, good price, good enough for IDF
Review by b
My work involves being able to don/doff a gas mask quickly and train others how to do the same. These are very easy to get on and off quickly, quite comfortable, and vision is good. Wearing it inside under normal room conditions I had no fogging of the lenses and breathing effort was minimal. The field of view is pretty wide and the material between the two eye-ports is barely noticeable (only if you are paying attention in order to review the mask). These masks fit perfectly in the Swiss Combat Pack. Getting these somewhere else they would be at least twice the price; I'd recommend them to everyone.
Fits Great!
Review by KC
Fits me head great! No fogging at all! Very surprised at the high quality of this mask. Wouldn't hesitate to test it with some pepper spray if I had more money for filters.
Get this one, you won't be sorry!
Hope I never have to use it until next Halloween!
Thanks again for the nice price.
Great Gas Mask
Review by Mack
Just received my mask and looks new and un-issued. Fits great!! Comes with the drinking tube and sealed filter. Others might sell the M15 for less but I would be skeptical of the quality. From my experience with Keep shooting what you read and see is what you get!
Review by robert
By far one of the best masks for that low price. looks brand new. the inside of the mask said it was from 1992 and the filter was from 2006. great buy for the price. it even comes equipped with smells like curry and spices.
Awesome mask!
Review by ROBERT
Thankfully i haven't had to put this mask to the test other than for Halloween appearances. The mask is very nicely built and is easy putting on and taking off. The straps are easy to manipulate in order to tighten or loosen mask to face. The lenses offer a wide field of view as well which is one of the many reasons i chose this mask. Thank you Keep Shooting!
Great gas mask
Review by Elijah
I have 3 of these gas masks and they are all in perfect shape I would say just get the new filters that are sold here on this website and you have a good set up if it is ever needed. Or in a SHTF situation.
get one!!!!
Review by dave
i have the Israeli civilian model and decided to upgrade to the military version. with this one you can drink as well as see better (compared to the civilian model) the price is the cheapest i've seen so far, and often the civilian ones cost more than this one on other sites. 5 stars from me!!!
Best all around mask
Review by William
I have four of these and love them. They come standard with a drinking tube and even though the filter is expired, it is still has a factory seal and mine filter out lacquer and pesticide fumes. You will to buy a canteen if you plan on using the supplied drinking tube and buy two if you are going to wear the mask for more than four hours. The mask is a great fit and Keep Shooting has replacement filters in stock. You can buy the factory sealed, although expired, filters for a great price or you can buy a factory fresh filter made by Mestel for a reasonable price. The new Mestel filter is about the same price as the mask, but, it is new, sealed, and not expired. When it comes down to it, the price of a new filter is nothing compared to keeping your lungs safe. If you are around really toxic fumes, spend the money for a new filter. The mask is great and incredibly inexpensive considering a comparable new mask is over $200
Pretty good!
Review by Jesse
I was very impressed with this mask,took me a minute to adjust it to my big head but once I got it,It worked fine!
Review by Terry
I was honestly skeptical when i first heard of KeepShooting from Youtube. So i said what the heck go and order. It came almost less then two days later (very fast) and the quality was great. Hope i never have to test it out in a real life scenario but its good to have just in case the S.H.T.F lol did i mention the cheap price? and no i don't work for the company. peace
Great product
Review by Steven
I ordered one of these and i kinda wish i ordered two there great quality and will fit anyone from large headed people to small headed people. The way you tighten them is genius very simply and very effective i couldn't be more happier.
This gas mask is excellent
Review by kepiblanc
I own two of these Israeli M15 gas masks and I have found that they are very well made. The drinking tube assembly included with this gas mask works very well with canteens which have those top-mounted rubber stoppers installed in their caps. (There is such a canteen being sold here on this web site.) I was also able to get a NBC valve coupler from one of my USGI gas masks to fit inside this same Israeli drinking tube assembly. That made it possible to use my Israeli M15 gas mask's drinking tube assembly with my USGI surplus canteens which have those M1 NBC valves installed in their caps.
pretty nice
Review by jim
I've got one of these Israeli m15 gas masks but i bought it off of another website in Australia because that is wear i live. but its the same thing
very comfy i bought mine for $80 AUD which is like i dunno bout $77 American dollars but its a pretty nice piece of equipment, you never know when you'll need it.
Good quality gear
Review by Former NBC Officer
The masks I received were in very good shape. They fit me with my big head and face just as well as my wife with the opposite problem. I didn't have the movement associated seal breaks at the chin that I used to have with the M-17A1's when I was in.
4 star mask
Review by OHpainter
I am a full time painter and this works pretty good to filter out the smell and mist. My problem with it is that my head is big and the strap on the back is too tight.

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