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The Italian Army Gore-Tex Suit is a brand new three piece wet weather suit from the Italian Army.Each suit consists of a Italian Army Vegetato Camouflage Parka, Pants, and Soft Shell Jacket. We have had numerous Gore-Tex suits from multiple military forces and this Italian Army Wet Weather Suit is by far the nicest, best quality, most versatile, and overall top rated suit we've ever seen.

If you're only going to buy one military issue wet weather suit, this Italian Army Gore-tex Suit is the one to get. We've never had a wet weather suit that looks as good, has as many features, or is in this level of condition. The Italian Army paid over 800 Euros for each of these suit sets brand new, and we can see why as they have features that you will only find on a military issue jacket and pants. We've tested one sample of each part of this suit for water resistance and found it to be superior to brand new rain gear and more comfortable than the most expensive commercial grade gear.

Features - Parka
  • Two Hoods - One is a smaller light weight stowable hood, suitable for use when not wearing a helmet. The second hood zips on and is large enough to provide protection from the rain while wearing protective helmet or large head gear.
  • Unique Inner Mesh Liner - This inner mesh liner provides a barrier between the outer membrane of the jacket and the wearer. This allows heat to transfer from your body through the mesh liner and creates an insulation effect. We've never seen this on any other military Gore-Tex jacket, and after testing it can say it is one of the best features as the comfort provided is immense.
  • Large Left Arm Velcro Sealed Pocket - We've inspected dozens of these jackets and most contain quality assurance inspectors cards in these pockets. We would use this as the basis to describe these jackets as "Near New" as these cards would normally be removed once this parka was issued.
  • Medium Right Arm Velcro Sealed Pocket - This is a smaller version of the left side pocket, it also features the velcro base to switch the included Italian Army insignia from the left side to the right side if you wish.
  • Large Zippered Chest Pockets - These two zippered chest pockets provide ample storage for necessary gear such as documents, tools, and every day items such as cell phones or wallets.
  • Two Waist Band Pockets - These two velcro and snap sealed pockets are exterior pockets that ride at the waist band level. Items that are not suitable for the two chest pockets can be stored in these large pockets.
  • Double Zippered Front - The front of the parka is sealed using your standard double zippered configuration. There is also a snapped storm flap to keep out any wind and provide a second seal from the rain.
  • Adjustable Cuffs - Each cuff is adjustable and sealable with Velcro to keep a tight seal around your wrists, or gloves to provide additional water resistance.
Features - Soft Shell Jacket
  • Super Comfortable and Stylish - This part of the suit is worth the entire price your paying. Worn as an underlayer jacket by the Italian Army, the fit and function of this soft shell jacket.
  • Second Generation Fleece Lined - The interior lining of this soft shell jacket is the latest generation fleece lined making it very warm and light weight.
  • Left Arm Zippered Pocket - Near the cuff there is a large 6" x 6" zippered pocket, which is perfect for storing frequently accessed items
  • Zippered Hand Warming Pockets - There are two zippered hand warming pockets on each jacket.
  • Two Open Interior Storage Pockets - The inside features two open topped pockets for storing additional gear, perfect for a cell phone or other item that needs to be hidden.
  • Unique Draw String Waist - The draw string waist on this jacket features a unique captive cinch system that allows the jacket to be adjusted without having the cinch get in the way.
  • Multiple Velcro Bases - Attach name tags, Italian Army flag patches, or any other insignia with ease.
Features - Pants
  • Integrated Suspenders - Velcro adjustable suspenders to allow you to adjust to your desired height and secure enough to ensure these pants will not drop while in the field no matter how fast your moving.
  • Elastic Waist Band - The strong elastic in the waist band will make these pants hug the shape and size of your waist. This provides superior comfort and best in class water resistance
  • Draw String Cinches - After the elastic waist band has done its job, you can provide additional support with dual draw string cinches at the waist.
  • Zippered Fly - When mother nature calls, you've got a zippered fly making relief easy
  • Zippered and Velcro Ankles - Designed to allow you to easily put on and take off while wearing combat boots, the ample zippered calf area is covered with a velcro sealed flap to keep out the wind and rain.
Size Breakdown
  • Size 1: Parka Chest 54", Sleeves 23" / Pants Waist 30", Inseam 32" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 48", Sleeves 22"
  • Size 2: Parka Chest 56", Sleeves 24" / Pants Waist 32", Inseam 33" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 51", Sleeves 23"
  • Size 3: Parka Chest 60", Sleeves 24" / Pants Waist 34", Inseam 34" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 54", Sleeves 24"
  • Size 4: Parka Chest 52", Sleeves 23" / Pants Waist 28", Inseam 30" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 45", Sleeves 21"
  • Size 5: Parka Chest 54", Sleeves 23" / Pants Waist 30", Inseam 31" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 47", Sleeves 21.5"
  • Size 6: Parka Chest 56", Sleeves 24" / Pants Waist 30", Inseam 32" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 49", Sleeves 25"
  • Size 7: Parka Chest 58", Sleeves 25" / Pants Waist 35", Inseam 34" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 54", Sleeves 23"
  • Size 8: Parka Chest 50", Sleeves 23" / Pants Waist 29", Inseam 29" / Soft Shell Jacket Chest 44", Sleeves 21"
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