Italian Army Load Bearing Vest

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The Italian Army Load Bearing Vest is a tactical vest that was designed for use by the Italian Army. This model of vest was used extensively by the Italian Army in support of operations in Iraq in 2004 and beyond. The Italian Army, known as the Esercito Italiano, is a modern fighting force that meets the defense needs of the Italian state.

The Italian Army has long had a tradition of excellence with their equipment and uniforms. This load bearing tactical vest performed flawlessly in combat operations in Iraq when it was initially deployed in 2004 and saw service up until the Italian army ended their involvement in Iraq. With many pictures of this vest being worn in Iraq by the Pozzuolo del Friuli Brigade which is an amphibious air assault brigade, the bona fides of this vest are clearly established and legitimate.

  • Authentic Italian Army Tactical Vest - This vest was made in Italy for service with the Italian Army. This vest has never been imported before we brought these vests into the country, which makes this vest truly unique.
  • Fully adjustable vest with both front and side adjustable straps - This vest can be adjusted to fit as tight or as loose as you require.
  • Front lower pockets are designed to hold two STANAG 30 round 5.56 magazines giving a load bearing capacity of 12 magazines, with each pocket having a double closure method of Velcro plus polymer buckle system.
  • Top pockets include two single STANAG magazine pouches, one pistol magazine pouch, one hand grenade pouch, and one radio pouch.
  • Velcro attached ESERCITO tag on right front denoting the use of this vest by the Italian Army
  • Front left and right interior sections of the vest can be opened for additional storage to keep loose articles stored safely until return to base.

Please view the pictures of this vest being worn by Italian soldiers in Iraq during operations in 2004. The solo soldier pictured wearing this vest is the Commander of the Lagunari Amphibious Air Assault Division. This vest was worn by soldiers with ranks ranging from enlisted soldier all the way to the top commander of the Italian forces in Iraq.

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