Italian Army Pocket Knife

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The Italian Army Pocket Knife is a vintage 1960s era knife from Italy. Featuring a fold-out blade that lacks a pointed edge, this pocket knife is designed for safe carry with the blade either folded or unfolded. Each pocket knife also features a uniquely designed can-opener "blade" that can also be used to open bottles of beer or to cut small wires.

Many collectors of military blades have a special fondness for military pocket knives. These days the military protocol really doesn't see the issuance of pocket knives like days past, so when really neat blades like this Italian Army Pocket Knife are available collectors snap them up. While other small blades may be more "functional" than these military pocket knives, very few are as cool looking as this Italian Army Knife.

  • Authentic Italian Army Pocket Knife
  • 2.5" Blade - Made from Steel
  • 2.5" Can Opener - Made from Steel
  • 6" Over All Length
  • Black Polymer Grip Panels
  • Swivel Lanyard Loop on Grip
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