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This large Italian Army Vegetato Rucksack is by far the nicest and most versatile military issue rucksack we have ever sold. Looking at all of the features, you would be correct in thinking the designer considered every possible military use and where possible added features for it. Capable of carrying over 90L of cargo along with one of the most comfortable padded frames, no job is too big or too small for this military issue backpack.

Military backpacks and rucksacks have always been popular ever since the first batch of military surplus packs were released. Soldiers who served in war using what later became surplus packs were able to tell stories about how good or bad their military issued backpacks were. The quality backpacks quickly developed a reputation from their military service and became highly sought after when they were sold as surplus.

With military backpacks ranging from small day packs to giant rucksacks like this Italian Army rucksack there is literally a bag for every scenario. In the case of this Italian Army rucksack, it is THE bag for every scenario. This rucksack is capable of expanding to hold a larger volume, or you can use the compression style straps to cinch the bag down to a smaller size. With the included two Molle attached small pouches you can increase the amount of external storage and best of all they are water resistant designed just like the main bag itself. You will not find a single scenario where this bag wouldn't be appropriate for hauling your essential gear and doing so comfortably and efficiently.

When looking at a new military rucksack you shouldn't just consider the storage capacity but should also consider the features. This Italian Army Rucksack is packed full of features that make it a clear winner. First and foremost is the comfort enhancing features that include adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist padding that make even the heaviest loads feel light and manageable. Secondly the type, configuration, and layout of the storage compartments is a key consideration. This rucksack has storage for every type of gear including a lanyard style setup in one of the top pockets for keys. No other military rucksack has this amount of storage options. Third and final consideration should be how the pack looks and this pack has a very unique and distinctive look. With the use of Italian Vegetato camouflage you can be virtually guaranteed no one will have a bag that is identical to your own.

  • Authentic Italian Army Vegetato Rucksack
  • Zippered Side Pockets for External Storage
  • Zippered Bottom Access to Main Cargo Compartment
  • Zippered Bottom External Pocket
  • Full Molle System for Attaching Included Pouches or Other Molle Gear
  • Extensive Use of Buckles for Compression and Access
  • Holds over 90L of Cargo
  • Vegetato Camouflage Pattern
  • Near New Condition
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