Italian Colonial Fez Hat

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The Italian Colonial Fez Hat is an authentic wool Fez that was made during the time of Italian colonial rule in Libya. Soldiers from both Italy and locals in Libya would wear this Fez along with their units insignia. WIth the Fez appearing on Dr. Who and being an iconic hat for over a century, why not purchase one of the highest quality Fez you can find? Get an all wool Italian Army Colonial Fez!

The Italian Army Colonial Fez is an all wool red Fez with a blue pom-pom style tassel. Designed and manufactured for use during the Italian Colonial rule over Libya, these are not just one of the nicest Fez hats but are also collectible pieces of history from Italy.

There are many types of Fez hats, with the biggest difference being the height of the Fez. Based on what we have been able to research, the Italian Colonial Fez is one of the taller types of Fez hats. One reason why the Italian Colonial Fez was designed to sit high was the Italian Colonial Army put large unit insignia onto each Fez as they were issued. Whether you add insignia or not to this Fez it looks great, is well made, and is a great item for anyone interested in collecting authentic military artifacts from the Colonialist Africa era.

  • Authentic Italian Army Fez
  • Dark Red Fez with Blue Tassel
  • Made from Wool
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