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The ITS SPIE (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) Kit is a kit that provides you with tools needed during Escape and Evasion or a Home Invasion Scenario to escape from illegal restraint.

Escaping illegal restraint from Zip Ties and Handcuffs is something the folks at ITS Tactical heavily advocate. As long as they can be purchased by anyone off-the-shelf from hardware stores or Army-Navy shops, the average citizen needs to have access to these tools to escape any potential illegal restraint.

The ITS SPITE Kit Includes:
  • One Folding Razor Saw
  • One Diamond Wire Blade
  • One Handcuff Shim
  • One Quick Stick
  • One EZ Decoder
  • Two ITS Polymer Handcuff Keys
  • One Ceramic Razor Blade
  • 6 Feet of 188lb Test Cord - Made from Kevlar
  • 6 Feet of Stainless-Steel Coated Leader Wire
  • One Button Compass - Grade AA

Please check out the video below for a brief overview of these tools and their applications.

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