Jiggler Keys Set

Jiggler Keys - 10 Piece

Jiggler Keys are a specially designed set of key like tools that help open locks. With practice you can use these keys to open most doors and office file cabinets in a matter of minutes. Save on locksmith fees and learn how locks work when you use these jiggler keys to open your own locked doors and cabinets!

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Description / Jiggler Keys - 10 Piece

One of the most interesting things about jiggler keys is the principle behind how they work. When used properly they allow you to simulate the insertion of the correct key based on the design of each jiggler and how you manipulate it in the keyway. Once you have successfully opened the first few locks in your home or office using a jiggler key it will become second nature and allow you to open more complex locks.

  • 10 Piece Set
  • Includes All Common Key Designs
  • Individually Stamped with Key Number

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Brand United Defense LLC

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Customer Reviews

Juggler Keys
Review by Anon
Verified Buyer
These things will always be on my keychain from here on out, because it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
Review by Brendan
Verified Buyer
I keep them on my keychain at all times. After some practice, they can be used very easily and they come in handy more than you'd think
Saved myself a service call
Review by USAF-ORF
Verified Buyer
Almost forgot I had these after I locked myself out of my car. I found them In my Awl crap bag in my garage. Took me about 30 minutes but hey Its been over 30 years since I drove a tow/repo truck.
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
These are invaluable. I haven't had the time to really master how to use these yet, but it is fun learning. Fabulous set of jiggler keys. I also bought the lock pick set to go with them.
Practice, Practice, Practice
Review by James
Verified Buyer
Like a dummy I brought these on another site before checking here 1st and paid more money. These take a lot of practice to be able to use effectively. I've had mine for about a month and still can't unlock my honda but can get into GM models.
Great addition to lock pick set
Review by Dirk
Verified Buyer
Got these to go with the lock pick set. All that's needed now are drills and drill bits to get into anything. Takes lots of practice to get good with these, so its nice to have some old locks to practice on.
Good Price Good Quality
Review by Dee
Verified Buyer
I got these on sale, but they would still be a good deal at the regular price. Lots of variety and uses for these keys. I am glad I picked up a set.
Have To Practice
Review by Custom2006
Verified Buyer
Bought these a couple months ago. At first I thought they were a gimmick because I could not get them to work. After practicing on several family members vehicles, I had better success. With some practice, you will get better.
Practice makes perfect
Review by Steven
Verified Buyer
Ordered one of these for multiple reasons now to learn to use them. Comes with direction which are very helpful to get you going no more locking my self out of my car, my room, padlocks with lost keys you name it.

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