John Ek Commando Knife Model 4

The John Ek Commando Knife Model 4 is an updated version of the combat proven jungle fighting knife. Made in collaboration by Ka-Bar with John Ek Knives, each Commando Knife comes with a Celcon sheath with a retraining strap and self-locking function. No matter what you face, you'll be on the road to victory with the EK44 at your side.

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  • John Ek Commando Knife Model 4
  • Collaboration Between Ka-Bar and John Ek Knives
  • Includes Celcon Sheath with Retaining Strap, Self Locking Function, and Multiple Tie-Down Points
  • Parkerized Double Edged Blade Made from 1095 Cron-Van
  • Overall Length: 12 5/8"
  • Blade Length: 6 5/8"
  • Blade Features John Ek Signature, Commando Knife Co and Logo Etches
  • UPC: 617717201448

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Customer Reviews

Freaking awesome

Review by Myranda F.
Verified Buyer

Everything you hope it would be!

Love love love

Review by Malcolm U.
Verified Buyer

What can I say it's a KA-BAR, enough said amazing

Combat purposes only not for bushcraft or other utility

Review by Mackenna C.
Verified Buyer

Solid and sharp, shaved my arm hair with it

Piece of history

Review by Nathen F.
Verified Buyer

Perfect fighting knife. Good balance, feels comfortable in the hand. Typical KBar construction.

Designed and built for a single purpose

Review by Abner D.
Verified Buyer

Top quality from end to end, in the classic Ek design. The balance point is right at the bolt nearest to the cross-guard, which is exactly where the thumb and forefinger would rest, and exactly where it should be. The sheath is very well made, but the strap is just something that gets in the way - the knife is securely held in place by a part of the sheath that grips the cross-guard with a reassuring "snap". Highly recommended!

Ka-bar. Nuff said.....

Review by Kendrix J.
Verified Buyer

Great blade.


Review by Artavia I.
Verified Buyer

Tip snapped off? Weak ....
Dont think i would trust this on a

Well made

Review by Jovanna U.
Verified Buyer

Super strong 

Ek in name only

Review by Noela K.
Verified Buyer

This is a ka bar knife. Not the EK knife I've had in the past. The quality is much lower and will hurt the brand name. Decent $100 knife, but NOT the EK I've grown to love

Good combat knife

Review by Irma D.
Verified Buyer

The knife: solidly built, good heft, excellent grinds, great balance. The blade material seems the same as a Ka-Bar USMC knife I've had for 40 years, which has held up well to hard use. Out of the box, the point was needle sharp, but factory edges were on the dull side. A few minutes honing brought it to shaving sharpness. Balance point is in the handle, on the lower half of the first handle screw from the guard. The only gripe I have is the S-shaped guard. For me, it would be better if both quillons bent towards the tip, rather than one towards the tip and one towards the butt. It's a double-edged knife - there is no reason to have to figure out which side the edge is on in the dark, hence no need for an S-shaped guard. It fits tightly in the sheath, probably too tight. The retention lugs on the sheath which grab the guard make it a pain to draw, and impossible to draw quickly in an emergency. I'll probably let it ride with the guard outside the lugs until I can have a proper sheath made for it. That leaves about a half inch or so of the ricasso unsheathed, but it's a better option than getting dead because the knife wouldn't come out of the sheath when you need it to.

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