John Ek Commando Knife Model 4

The John Ek Commando Knife Model 4 is an updated version of the combat proven jungle fighting knife. Made in collaboration by Ka-Bar with John Ek Knives, each Commando Knife comes with a Celcon sheath with a retraining strap and self-locking function. No matter what you face, you'll be on the road to victory with the EK44 at your side.

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  • John Ek Commando Knife Model 4
  • Collaboration Between Ka-Bar and John Ek Knives
  • Includes Celcon Sheath with Retaining Strap, Self Locking Function, and Multiple Tie-Down Points
  • Parkerized Double Edged Blade Made from 1095 Cron-Van
  • Overall Length: 12 5/8"
  • Blade Length: 6 5/8"
  • Blade Features John Ek Signature, Commando Knife Co and Logo Etches
  • UPC: 617717201448

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Customer Reviews

It’s a sticker

Review by Gared N.
Verified Buyer

I carried one similar to this a number of years ago when l did security at an about to be abandoned railroad complex. It gave me a line of defense in that we were not permitted guns. We weren’t permitted knives either, but it was pretty unnerving walking through these buildings with just a flashlight. Anyway, l traded back my first Ek, but have long regretted it. Then l saw this! Had to have it. I received it quickly and in good order.
Two the sheath. The retaining strap broke. Don’t really need it anyway. Two: it wasn’t quite sharp enough. Now it is. Get’s a great dagger.

Uneven grinds

Review by Antonina A.
Verified Buyer

The grinds/bevel are uneven. Nothing terrible for a user knife. But for the price, history, and name of the knife you'd expect it done right out of the box

Returning the Mark II

Review by Lona O.
Verified Buyer

I really love this knife. Quite a few reviews cover other bits and pieces so I’ll compare this knife to the Gerber Mark II. The EK44 holds like a weapon and not like a letter opener. When comparing the widths of the two knives the EK44 is approximately 1/4 of an inch wider. Although it is difficult to see in the picture it is very evident when handling the blade. The EK44 has a good size handle and weight which would make it more effective at what it is designed to do. The Mark II is VERY light and the handle is rather short. If you make the decision to purchase this knife you will be making a good one.

Great knife

Review by Kameisha B.
Verified Buyer

Great knife, made in america! Enough said top shelf.

Great knife.

Review by Minta X.
Verified Buyer

Just received this; no long term notes. But I was impressed taking it out of the box. Full width tang. My sheath is excellent; with great retention and a secondary safety snap, marked made in the USA. Knife also made in the USA. Parkerization is even; blade grind is great. Guard is secure. Handle is large and comfortable. Sharp out of the box and I’ve had great results with this steel on other Ka-Bar knives.

Nice weapon.

Review by Eoin N.
Verified Buyer

Sharp out of the box--even sharper now. Very sturdy. Nicely balanced. Long handle. Some slight imperfections in the grind but overall usably symmetrical. Considering purchase of a second unit for back-up. A sizeable primary self-defense/combat blade--not intended for bushcraft activities.

Poor craftsmanship

Review by Mariesa N.
Verified Buyer

Knife is sharp and thick, looks like the blade is quite sturdy. The cross guard is loose with no visible ways to secure it. The sheath is a disaster. Doesn’t fit the blade. It’s too tight. Also strap clasp is not large enough to go around handle and fasten.

Good knife, horrible sheath.

Review by Shamil W.
Verified Buyer

Maybe some things are better when made in China. I never had a more difficult time getting a knife out of a sheath. Pitty the poor soldier who needs quick access to his knife. Some suggested filing down the sheath where the knife enters. Customers shouldn't have to do this on a $100 knife. Even though I liked the knife itself, I returned it.


Review by Valrie L.
Verified Buyer

MADE IN THE USA. No cheap Chinese garbage here.

Legendary Ek knife but sheath needs work.

Review by Regena Z.
Verified Buyer

Knife awesome! Only complaint is the sheath, but I'm sure you know that, as I know I'm not the only one bummed out by it. The retention strap and its snap button r lame.

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