Jungle Sleeping Bag Compression Sack

The British Army Jungle Sleeping Bag Compression Sack is a small-sized stuff sack that was originally issued with the British Army Jungle Sleeping Bag. This stuff sack can be used to hold things like fleece blankets, jackets, or other essential gear that you need to have ready to go at a moments notice without taking up much valuable cargo space.

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The British Army Jungle Sleeping Bag Compression Sack is one of the most useful compression sacks. We have all seen large compression sacks that are made for carrying huge volumes of gear which few of us actually have. With this small sized compression sack, you can place only your most essential soft gear into it. The benefit for using this smaller compression sack comes from your need to carefully chose your gear so that you are only stuffing your most important gear into each compression sack you buy.

If you are not lucky enough to own a British Army Jungle Sleeping Bag you can still find plenty of great uses for this compression sack. One of the best uses is to store emergency wet weather clothing in one and keep it in the truck of your car. Should you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in the rain, knowing you have a wet weather emergency pack in your truck would help keep you dry and safe. The dimensions of this stuff sack make it ideal for holding clothing, small tools, and other assorted items that are essential but not bulky.

  • Authentic British Army Compression Sack
  • NSN# 8465-99-869-5311

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Customer Reviews

Very useful
Review by Dale
Verified Buyer
Have 2 this size, brand new, reasonably priced and waterproof too. Works perfect for overnight trips on my motorcycle, perfect size to strap on a luggage rack and go.
Review by Jody
Verified Buyer
These are AMAZING!!!!! I FINALLY found something that will hold both the standard poncho and the poncho liner (AKA woobie for the softer generation)
These are built rock solid and are not too heavy.
Absolutely worth getting.
I am getting a lot more to see what all standard things will fit.
Good deal
Review by Terry
Verified Buyer
Just bought 2 more. These are brand new as were the first 2 I bought...Hope you have a large stock.
Great value for excellent condition sack
Review by Matt
Verified Buyer
The sack compressed my patrol bag down to the size of a large grapefruit. It saved a lot of space in my ruck and is incredibly strong.
This compression sack is very useful. It's transportable, lightweight and well made. It would make a perfect winter warm up bag, big enough to hold gloves, a wool hat, wool socks and a neck gaiter.
Review by Chris
Verified Buyer
This compression sack is very useful. It's transportable, lightweight and well made. It would make a perfect winter warm up bag, big enough to hold gloves, a wool hat, wool socks and a neck gaiter.
Great little bag.
Review by Jack
Verified Buyer
Great little bag. Good for putting a jacket for the ' just in case' moments. Bigger then I thought, I can fit a scarf, gloves, and a hat and still have plenty of room.
Review by Devin
Verified Buyer
These bags are really great pieces of kit! If I want to stow a bit of extra clothing or a jacket, I can use this compression sack to really maximize the amount of gear I can fit in a pack. Lightweight, portable, and great condition.
Compact storage
Review by Joe
Verified Buyer
Great gear many other uses, used for US GI intermediate bag perfect fit. Peered more to stow goretex gear. Gonna get more to use on my growing collection of gear. Good value surplus gear you will like!!!
Great Price New Condition
Review by Douglas
Verified Buyer
Good little compression sack but not so small that it could not be used for patrol sleeping bag or down filled jacket. I will have to get more before they are gone.
good item
Review by David
Verified Buyer
This is my second one, great item, looks new.

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