Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete

The Ka-bar Cutlass Machete is a high performance machete made by Ka-Bar. Ka-Bar produced the Cutlass to fill the void of a large blade that is bigger than a fixed blade knife but smaller than a traditional full-sized machete. With the included Cordura/Leather sheath, you can carry the Cutlass into the field where it will serve you well for all of your cutting and chopping needs.

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The Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete can cut through brush, branches, and clear camp sites effortlessly. With the need for a large blade that is easy to transport and capable of heavy duty work, Ka-Bar produced the Cutlass which has won praise from outdoor enthusiasts and professionals since it was first sold.

  • Tough and Capable Machete
  • Blade Length: 11"
  • Overall Length: 16.5"
  • Made from 1085 Carbon Steel
  • Includes Leather/Cordura Sheath
  • Backed by Ka-Bar's Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Very good machete for the price, but the blade can fail.

Review by Allissa X.
Verified Buyer

I was very happy with this machete, the balance an wheight distribution of the blade is great for chopping, it has a really good bite and the handle is very comfortable. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks of usage clearing tree branches, it looks like the metal failed and got a big chip in the blade. Probably there was a defect in the metal of my product. Very dissapointed.

BEAST- omniblade

Review by Diane P.
Verified Buyer

I have abused this blade like crazy, but it doesn't budge.
The edge on this thing is relentless. Corrosion resistance is very high. Ergonomics is a 12/10.

I'm 5'10" and 165, mildly athletic- I can swing this thing all day with good force. Hooks right into your palm and puts all that force into the curve of the blade. One of the best purchases I have ever made as an outdoor handyman and a camper. Trim trunks, dissect branches, split firewood (batoning)

Never cleaned or sharpened in 6 years, edge barely even shows it.

Good balance, stout feel, great grip

Review by Anastacia Z.
Verified Buyer

I ordered it and the next thing I know UPS is delivering it, so it came super quick. It has good weight, a good grip that should fit most hands, and is very sharp. Also has a loop on the end of the sheath for a leg tie and lanyard hole in the handle. I think this machete is going to perform as well as one that I paid more for.
UPDATE: I used the cutlass to trim small limbs and baton 6 inch X foot long green oak logs yesterday and the blade cut through everything smoothly. I think if used properly it will last a long time. It retained a sharp edge, only honed it before putting it up. The paint didn't wear off, I just wiped it down and it looks like new.

product is great

Review by Tenzin D.
Verified Buyer

thank you

blade broke on first swing

Review by Jaslin F.
Verified Buyer

I had high hopes for this machete. A quarter sized piece broke off the blade on first swing on a 1/2" branch.

Great price, good balance.

Review by Shakora H.
Verified Buyer

Great price, good balance for larger pieces of wood,

Great machete... Until the blade began to break into pieces.

Review by Janiel J.
Verified Buyer

Bought this machete after numerous reviews of machetes and was convinced that this was it. However, after 3 uses within a span of about 1.5 month, I was shocked to realise that the blade had large breakaways along the edge. My guess is that this was a manufacturing defect, and I'm not sure how to go about getting a refund/replacement considering that the return window is over...

love it

Review by Aarti P.
Verified Buyer

Been my go-to since I got it.. love it

Five Stars

Review by Lakeesha Q.
Verified Buyer

Fantastic knife.....


Review by Blas E.
Verified Buyer

I have beat the living hell outta this blade, and its tough as nails ! I don't understand some of these reviews, the only way youre gonna damage this beast is by totally abusing it. ( chopping on rocks, concrete or brick perhaps ) This is a military grade knife with a great sheath ! End of story ! I would easily go into battle with this Machete with all confidence....highly recommended....5 STARS !!!!!

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