KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife

The KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife is the result of the successful partnership between the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) and Ka-bar. Razor sharp out of the box, the TDI Law Enforcement Knife is designed to be available as a last option knife. When worn on the pant belt, the entire unit - knife and sheath - is well concealed and ready for quick deployment when needed most.

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  • Designed by John Brenner, Founder of Tactical Defense Institute
  • Extreme Close Quarters Capabilities
  • Includes Hard Plastic Sheath with Reversible Belt Clip
  • Backed by Ka-Bar Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Blade Length: 2 5/16"
  • Overall Length: 5 5/8"
  • Blade Type: Stainless Steel Plain Drop Point
  • Includes Sheath and Metal Belt Clip

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Customer Reviews

Review by Jorian J.
Verified Buyer
Would recommend to anyone who wants to carry a small knife that they can strap to a belt and tuck into their pants.
holster works fine, very nice concealed carry knife
Review by Theressa O.
Verified Buyer
Most of the reviews for the actual knife are excellent and I agree. I will address the negative reviews about the holster. The major complaint about the holster is that it is too tight and it is difficult to remove the knife. I disagree.
As you can see from my pics the holster has a thumb grip to assist in removing the knife. A quick press results in an audible click as the knife releases and then it is free to grab. I would consider this a safety feature and not a con. The knife is always firmly in the holster until you want it.
Anytime someone purchases a concealed weapon for self defense the expectation should be that they practice unholstering and "dry-firing" the weapon. I have had mine for a day and have probably randomly drawn it 100x already, each time becoming faster at clicking off the "safety" and withdrawing the weapon. This will insure muscle memory when I need it most.
In my opinion: Great knife, great holster, but they sell aftermarket ones right here on Amazon that are looser if you just can't get used to it.
Every one should have one.
Review by Edison P.
Verified Buyer
I have 2 a black one that I carry on duty belt serrated blade and puke green one that I carried on deployment (s) and in military uniform. Last ditch/ Oh Crap equipment, only for that use, if you plan on using all the time but 2 one for every time/day use and one as Oh crap use, I recommend serrated one for that it will zip though a seatbelt when needed to. There is a few good knives in this class of use but in my opinion it's one of the best plus cost effective. Sheath is okay some of others have better but the knife is crap ( dull edge S.S. that shine's) another is as good steel but crap sheath. That is some in same price range. I have been using them for many years and recommend it to anyone; Military and Civilians. Before my deployments I advised all my soldier's to get one or like model and to carry it every where and at all times. A tool that I hope to not need.
Gift for son-in-law
Review by Jaman R.
Verified Buyer
Got it for a birthday present and he loves it.
Review by Sabrena U.
Verified Buyer
Everything is great here. This is very concealed and compact.
Great knife
Review by Jayne F.
Verified Buyer
Nice and sharp great knife
SOG Snarl is a better knife
Review by Damien K.
Verified Buyer
This is a good knife but the SOG Snarl is better. Both knives are comfortable in the hand and comfortable to carry. Both knives have comparable quality steel (good). The SOG has a more secure and slimmer handle. The sog is thin enough in the handle to make me feel confident I could throw a natural punch while holding the knife without injury. The thickness of the blade of the SOG is superior. The SOG can be laced onto the front of a boot. See photos.
Stay tuned!
Review by Darci P.
Verified Buyer
A little pricey. Amazing defective knife. Looks super cool but it's definitely over hyped! Just got it a couple of days ago and the paint is already chipped off at the tip of the blade. Accidentally slashed my closet door and the blade is chipped. I contacted the seller so I'll be back to update with a new review soon.
Good back up weapon
Review by Solon B.
Verified Buyer
Very sharp right out of the box. Ergonomic is very well in hand. Just the right size yet small enough to conceal. Once iWB clip is adjusted to suit. Easy to get out.
Review by Ritchie W.
Verified Buyer
Shsrp and good size for belt
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