KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife

The KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife is the result of the successful partnership between the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) and Ka-bar. Razor sharp out of the box, the TDI Law Enforcement Knife is designed to be available as a last option knife. When worn on the pant belt, the entire unit - knife and sheath - is well concealed and ready for quick deployment when needed most.

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  • Designed by John Brenner, Founder of Tactical Defense Institute
  • Extreme Close Quarters Capabilities
  • Includes Hard Plastic Sheath with Reversible Belt Clip
  • Backed by Ka-Bar Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Blade Length: 2 5/16"
  • Overall Length: 5 5/8"
  • Blade Type: Stainless Steel Plain Drop Point
  • Includes Sheath and Metal Belt Clip

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Customer Reviews

Decent with a few mods to the sheath
Review by Jarius G.
Verified Buyer
I’ve wanted a good EDC fixed blade basically strictly for self defense. I looked at push knives and other fixed blades that would serve the purpose and settled on the TDI. I’ll basically echo others reviews in the knife itself seems ergonomic the angle in which it Carries is comfortable. The downfall is the sheath. It has sharp edges that need ground down. If you carry the knife under your belt as intended it grinds four small bolt heads that stick out about an 1/8” into your hip. I know others have reviewed that you can buy a new sheath for the knife. My solution was to get a felt pad from ace that would normally go under a furniture leg. Cut it to size and adhere it to the inside of the sheath. I added some electrical tape for good measure. It’s worked out well for me it’s a lot more comfortable to carry all day now that it’s cushioned against my body to keep the bolts from grinding into my skin. I haven’t had any issue with the clip, I know others have complained about it. It’s done just fine for me. Just wanted to throw out a cheap option to address the uncomfortable sheath issue for anyone looking for a solution.
Read before you judge!
Review by Andreana T.
Verified Buyer
All in all this is a great little knife. Havent put it through brutal use yet but its held a good edge on some light work at my job. Feels good in the hand too. The only reason that its got a low review is because I didnt mean to buy it yet, and meant to put it on my list. Requested cancellation at least a dozen times but it still got sent. Lack of customer service is a deal breaker for me. Amazing knife though
Great for concealing
Review by Maurisio X.
Verified Buyer
This knife is great for the price it is. There are some pros and cons of course.

Pros: the knife is small and ergonomic and fits the hand very well, very easy to conceal to bars, parties, and work meetings.

Cons: sometimes the metal clip will hit your chair/drivers seat if you place it in the wrong place but that’s an easy fix

Overall this knife is great for the value it is highly recommended if you want a nice backup blade that’s hidden away.
perfect addition to EDC
Review by Leonides T.
Verified Buyer
loved this knife. bought it for cheaper than the website had it for. perfect addition to my edc.
Bought 3 if them. 1 for me and 1 each for my 2 LEO sons
Review by Nehemiah N.
Verified Buyer
Everything I expected and more. My police officer sons love them
Review by Hershel W.
Verified Buyer
For one it's a KA-BAR. Can't go wrong with one. Perfect for EDC. Came hair shaving sharp.
Review by Cadin E.
Verified Buyer
Love it. Use it for an everyday carry. 10/10
Excellent and Better than SOG Snarl
Review by Lagina Q.
Verified Buyer
This is about as good as it gets in this category, just about to order my 4th so I can keep them in different places
Good knife to kee on you
Review by Tanitha D.
Verified Buyer
This knife is great and easy to conceal. Only complaint is the sheath doesn’t turn sideways. Its just vertical.
Perfect as described and great price
Review by Elma X.
Verified Buyer
Sharp, sturdy, as described and the sheath works great. Seems good quality even though it's not made in America. Great price

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