KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife

The KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife is the result of the successful partnership between the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) and Ka-bar. Razor sharp out of the box, the TDI Law Enforcement Knife is designed to be available as a last option knife. When worn on the pant belt, the entire unit - knife and sheath - is well concealed and ready for quick deployment when needed most.

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  • Designed by John Brenner, Founder of Tactical Defense Institute
  • Extreme Close Quarters Capabilities
  • Includes Hard Plastic Sheath with Reversible Belt Clip
  • Backed by Ka-Bar Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Blade Length: 2 5/16"
  • Overall Length: 5 5/8"
  • Blade Type: Stainless Steel Plain Drop Point
  • Includes Sheath and Metal Belt Clip

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Customer Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised
Review by Vicke M.
Verified Buyer
I own a few other KA-BAR knives, so I should have know that this one would be up to their standards. I was pleasantly surprised.

The knife came razor sharp, and the shape of it and the contours of the grip fit perfectly with my hand.

The sheath it comes with is alright, but I'll likely be ordering the 
Ka-Bar TDI Ankle Rig Md: 1480RIG.  so I can carry it around as a backup in a less obtrusive manner.

I am confident that this knife could save my life, and would recommend it to anyone as a backup.
Wonderful Defense Knife!
Review by Angelika N.
Verified Buyer
I have many backup/defense knives in my collection but none of them are as comfortable to hold and carry as this one is. This is now one of my personal favorites and my full time carry knife along with a good pocket knife. It is good for front or back hand draw and is ambedexterus.

Good blade shape and angle
Very comfortable to wear/hold/and use
Good belt clip
Easy to draw

Belt clip finish rubs off but if wiped down enough doesnt get on your clothes
A good defense knife
Review by Trcy B.
Verified Buyer
-Comes sharp out of the box.
-Comes with kydex sheath and attachable belt/pants clip.
-Has extra screws.
-Low profile for concealed carry, feels great in the hands.

-Screws like to strip and the tightening allen wrench it came with is small, weak and all around crap.
-Somewhat slick handle.

Other thoughts:
Worth the $35. I carry it on a daily biases on my weak side.
Good blade - lousy belt clip
Review by Perla C.
Verified Buyer
I received this two days ago. The knife itself appears to be just fine but the metal clip on the sheath was covered with a black powder that rubbed off on cloths, skin or anything it touched. The metal of the clip had no springiness and took a set when opened to attached to a belt. After ujsing it to attach to my belt only three times this clip snapped and is now useless. Without the clip the only place to carry this is in a pocket which is far from ideal. Replacements are sold online for this piece at anywhere from about $7.50 to a little of $10 each but having to replace this after only two days is disturbing.
Review by Latrise M.
Verified Buyer
I am a Patrol Officer and bought this knife to wear while on duty. The knife was not very sharp when I received it, so I had to sharpen it quite a bit. Also, the holster it comes with does not have a retention adjustment on it. I feel like it has the potential to slip out if I get in to a rough, hands on confrontation with someone. I am currently in the market for a different style holster. Overall, the knife is awesome! I am certain I will buy the larger version and possibly the ankle version, in the near future.
Great Knife, but paint comes of the belt clip.
Review by Tamarah B.
Verified Buyer
Knife works great, and you can really pull it out quick and easy when its attached to your belt! Nothing to fumble with in a stressful situation. My only complain is that the metal clip was coated with some kind of paint that rubbed of on my fingers, My fingers were black when I first touched it and I really had to put alot of effort into wiping it all off so It wouldn't leave black on my hands. Also if you want to change it from left hand to right hand you need to have those star looking alen wrenches. Thats all.
Excellent backup knife
Review by Danniella U.
Verified Buyer
I purchased this knife to use strictly as a backup knife. It fits perfectly behind the magazine pouch and allows for a quick draw with the left hand (I'm right handed), blade facing out: perfect for weapon retention. Before I purchased the knife, I thought it may be alittle small, but upon receipt, I quickly realized it is the perfect size for its intended use.

The knife comes extremely sharp; during practice, I did slice my little finger so be careful.
The description may be alittle unclear, but the knife comes with a kydex holster with belt clip attached.
Great concept, great price, mediocre quality
Review by Mashanda N.
Verified Buyer
Great knife, designed for a specific application. The quality IS low, however it's not a tool that sees daily use to the cutting edge.
So I don't really see this as a huge issue. I received my knife and straight out of the box, noticed there was a very poorly applied tdc logo, not going to change the way the knife functions for it's intended purpose, but it's definatley not something you want to show off. Everything else was as advertised. Good coating, solid well secured grip panels, nice sharp edge and a well designed belt clip. It's been carried weakside for 2 weeks and no complaints. Overall for under $35 you can't expect topshelf quality, but I'll bet I still have a usable tool in ten years time. Four stars... With a good solid laser etched logo, five stars!
Great knife for the purpose
Review by Hayato M.
Verified Buyer
Nice knife that comes with a good edge. Easy to get in and out of its' sheath. Well built with good size and weight
Great Knife
Review by Zoey U.
Verified Buyer
This is a very nice knife. Large enough to make a good self-defense knife, but small enough to be easily concealable. Also with the high-quality that all Ka-Bar products share. The sheath holds the knife tight but it is still very easy to draw. The sheath attaches to a belt quite well with the included metal clip and it sits tight to the body, staying out of the way of other gear. I recently carried this knife in Afghanistan as a backup and it never interfered with my body armor. Buy this now.
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