KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife

The KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Fixed Blade Knife is the result of the successful partnership between the Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) and Ka-bar. Razor sharp out of the box, the TDI Law Enforcement Knife is designed to be available as a last option knife. When worn on the pant belt, the entire unit - knife and sheath - is well concealed and ready for quick deployment when needed most.

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  • Designed by John Brenner, Founder of Tactical Defense Institute
  • Extreme Close Quarters Capabilities
  • Includes Hard Plastic Sheath with Reversible Belt Clip
  • Backed by Ka-Bar Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Blade Length: 2 5/16"
  • Overall Length: 5 5/8"
  • Blade Type: Stainless Steel Plain Drop Point
  • Includes Sheath and Metal Belt Clip
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Overall Rating
Review by Noe H.
<span>Product is fine and concealable. Definitely for close combat. You don’t want to get sliced by this</span>
Overall Rating
Awesome Product!
Review by Danica I.
<span>This knife is one of the best I’ve had the honor to carry. I wear it inside my waist band for easy concealment and easy access. It offers a perfect blend of utility and personal defense.</span>
Overall Rating
Jim Bowie
Review by Durand H.
<span>This blade is definitely compact, useful for almost any job including, sadly, self-defense.</span>
Overall Rating
Best bang for your buck!
Review by Elna A.
<span>I have become very disillusioned with cheap knives. Almost invariably, you get what you pay for. This is the "almost". Of all the knives in my collection, this one has the most value for it's price. It's wicked sharp, extremely easy to conceal (at least if you're used to CC'ing a gun), and the sheath is awesome. The knife deploys and returns effortlessly, but wouldn't come loose in a hurricane.<br><br>To those experiencing "wiggle" on their belts, clipping it over your waistband in addition completely negates the issue. In fact, I wear it with the sheath inside my waistband and clip over my belt.<br><br>Warning:<br>If you intend to open carry the knife, some people will mistake it for a gun. I don't just mean from a distance. I mean from three feet away while they're reaching out to touch it. I don't know why. It doesn't have a trigger and - if the kydex (or hard nylon; I can't remember) portion exposed to view - is obviously too small. Still, it's happened to me several times. You can't fix stupid, but you can minimize your exposure. If you're looking for an open carry belt knife, this may not be the best choice.</span>
Overall Rating
Great product!
Review by Jemel N.
<span>this is something that I have been trying to decide if i needed or not. My biggest concern, and truthfully still is, is the length of the blade. The handle and sheath are great and fit my hand well. If the length of the blade were a 1/2" longer it would be my favorite EDC</span>
Overall Rating
Outstanding but learn how to use it first
Review by Katriece F.
<span>This blade is outstanding for what it is made for. However take time to learn how to safely use it, self defense course or if you're LE ignore me completely lol, you already know how to use it. KA-BAR TDI enough said, buy it!</span>
Overall Rating
Review by Markella A.
<span>Not sure what to say, got this as a gift and he seamed to really like it</span>
Overall Rating
Awesome knife
Review by Deidrea J.
<span>Great knife came all in original boxing and packaging. Product as described</span>
Overall Rating
Great (so far)
Review by Allison X.
<span>I was looking for a everyday carry knife, an alternative for CCW, and one of the biggest factors I was looking for was weapon retention (in the past I've really favored karambits for that reason). I saw this on a list of top EDC knives that rated high in that respect, so after some asking around and doing some homework, I pulled the trigger. Getting the knife, the first thing I had to figure out was where & how I'd carry it... left side, right side, inside the belt, outside... After giving it a go inside the belt on the right side, keeping the belt clip where it was, I decided that it was held a little close to the body to make sheathing the knife completely safe (bottom line, my chubs got in the way). I switched the clip around so that the knife would be on the outside of the belt, and it was great... only a slight imprint of the knife could be seen through my tshirt.<br><br>That out of the way, I'm gonna say that the grip on this thing is fantastic! I like the angle of the blade to the handle, as that's going to make it really easy to hang onto the knife (weapon retention). The blade itself comes paper slicing sharp right out of the box, with a nice finish. The bottom line here is that for a guy who has generally favored pocket carry folders up to now, the Kabar TDI is a really good alternative.</span>
Overall Rating
A big Meh
Review by Carolyne S.
<span>... or maybe I should say a Little Meh.<br>I really wanted to like this knife - especially being a fan of small knives.<br><br>BTW - If you're LE or plan to carry this knife openly (not low-viz) go ahead and skip this review. Same if you are not buying this for the sole purpose of self defense.<br><br>My initial impression is that the knife is both Too Big and Too small for its intended use - last ditch self defense. Let me explain.<br><br>In order to do sufficient, debilitating damage, a stabbing knife should have a blade of at least 4in, in order to reach organs. With this short a blade, my assumption is this knife is for inflicting pain, in order to create distance - an idea I think is very valid. Now the problem is this knife and sheath are a bit too large to be a neck-knife - that's OK, most people wear it from the belt. That said, the provided clip does not attach to a normal, non duty type belt tightly - there is a bit of wiggle / slop. And, IMO, I feel the sheath should be worn with the handle pointing down and the blade running parallel to the beltline - it takes an aftermarket sheath to do that, which costs almost as much as the knife does. Another option it to wear it tip down, handle facing backwards at your 4 o'clock or 8 o'clock position - like a firearm. I don't like the idea of a cross draw either, as I've seen many people wearing it, except for when seated in a vehicle. IMO, when standing, you should pivot your hips & take a step back to place a blocking<br><br> arm between your weapon and your attacker when drawing - to prevent capturing your arm / hand (again, create distance). This almost works for that, but not as well as drawing from your strong side.<br><br>If carried and drawn in a reverse grip, I don't think the blade has enough reach, and the handle does not have enough angle to be mechanically effective. Which brings me to the handle ... It sucks. I have many small knives with far more ergonomic handles, and make me feel much more confident in my retention - something other small knife makers have gotten right.<br><br>All in all, the knife and sheath are too big to be carried low-viz without an aftermarket sheath - meaning the bad guy will see you have a knife and may attempt to wrestle for it.<br><br>Now the problem ... Other than custom, or a karambit, I don't know there are better options. I feel that I should have ordered that Large version instead of this - or maybe the even smaller investigator. With the large I would just go for maximum damage and with the Investigator I might have a better possibility of going low-viz.</span>
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