Lock Pick Set - 8 piece

This lock pick set is a great entry level lockpick set that has eight tools, perfect for learning how to pick locks manually. You'll find each tool is well made and comes packed in a blue nylon carrying case for easy storage and transport.

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  • Lock Pick Set - 8 Piece
  • 8 Tools - 6 Picks, 2 Tension Wrenches
  • Metal No-Slip Handles
  • Opens Most Pin, Wafer, and Disk Tumbler Locks
  • Velcro Closed Nylon Carrying Case

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Brand United Defense LLC
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Customer Reviews

Looking forward to a new skill
Review by Craig W.
Verified Buyer
At this low sale price I thought I'd give a go The picks all look to be a quality item.
All as expected, good quality and a great price.
Review by Jake
Verified Buyer
This is a great price for a lock pick set. Can be used for professionals or amateurs. Best price online too from my findings.
Great starter set
Review by Woody
Verified Buyer
Great starter set or a great throw away set. Some sharper edges on some of them. Could be used for defensive weapons if necessary. Worth the price.
Coolest thing I ever bought
Review by Timothy
Verified Buyer
Really awesome thing to have! You never know if or when you will need this, but why not buy it for cheap.
Nice beginner pick set
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
I've always had a slight interest in lockpicking, wasn't interested in buying a pick set till I saw these. Priced to sell, so on a whim I bought a set. I played with the picks for a few minutes was almost successful in getting the lock to open but failed..ahh well try again some other time.

For the price these are nice, not flimsy like I thought they would be. A tad bit tricky to hold in my hands due to the size or maybe I need to work on technique. Picks feel well built and could take some abuse, didn't bend with what pressure I applied in my use. If a pick were to break I wouldn't be bothered by it unless I couldn't get it out of the lock but aside from that I would buy it again and again at the price that this is offered at. It's a good deal, fun to play with.
Just what I was looking for
Review by CHuck
Verified Buyer
They are not super high quality professional level tools but they are high quality for the price. My son is already having fun opening a 4 pin padlock after about 10 minutes of instruction.. Not bad for an 11 year old!
Well worth the money!
Review by Rich
Verified Buyer
This isn't the best quality set of picks but you can't beat them for $5! Great backup or starter set and they do what they're supposed to.
8 Piece Lock Pick Set
Review by Jill
Verified Buyer
This is a great value for a starter kit. For five dollars you will not find a better set. I am quite impressed.
Excellent Starter Set
Review by Troy
Verified Buyer
First thing: I didn't buy a lockpick set to become a burglar in training. I bought it in part because I'm an absentminded sort forever forgetting keys or losing keys, and in part because I like puzzles and locks are the ultimate puzzle and I love the problem-solving aspects of it all--and it should be noted that I only pick my own locks, thanks. Ethically, you never open anyone's locks but your own unless you have express permission of the owner to do so.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the whole idea of picking locks, probably because I watched too many spy movies as a kid, so I bought this basic lockpicking set more or less on impulse. To my surprise, I've found that I have a knack for this sort of thing, maybe because I make my living as a commercial artist and illustrator and there's obviously a lot of visualization involved in my job. With practice, you can 'see' the inside of the lock just with the feel of the pick or the tension wrench, and the feeling you get when the lock opens is like a mini-rush of adrenalin. The first day I got this set I was going around the house, picking and unlocking every padlock and doorknob in sight and driving my girlfriend crazy.

I've since bought a better quality set but still use most of the tools that came with this one. It's a great deal for beginners, especially for those unsure whether they'll get use out of them and hesitant to invest in the higher end tools. Strongly recommended.
Awesome set for the price
Review by Gabe
Verified Buyer
I picked up this set to learn with and within 15 min of opening the package, I had already picked my back door. These picks are amazing for the price and great for beginners. If your considering it, do it.

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