M1 Carbine 1950 30rd Mag Pouch

The M1 Carbine 1950 Magazine Pouch was designed to carry the newly issued 30-round magazine for the M1 Carbine. This magazine pouch would fit onto a soldiers pistol belt and would hold two 30-round magazines and extra .30 Carbine ammunition on stripper clips. With this magazine pouch soldiers would have quick and easy access to over 100 rounds of extra ammunition with 60 rounds loaded into two magazines.

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The M1 Carbine 1950 Magazine Pouch was designed for use by soldiers who were equipped with either an M1 or M2 Carbine. With the improvement to magazine capacity, which increased by 100% there was a clear need for new magazine pouches to fit the new extended capacity magazine. The Department of Defense decided on a familiar style of pouch that would be easy for both soldiers and manufacturers once fully issued.

We produced these magazine pouches to be as realistic as possible to the original including both form and function. You will find these magazine pouches easily hold loaded 30-round M1 Carbine magazines, attach to standard pistol belts, and have proper markings that were found on original magazine pouches of this style. You can use these M1 Carbine magazine pouches for historical events, living history weekends, display, or to hold your own 30-round magazines for your prized M1 Carbine.

  • Authentic Reproduction 1950 Style Magazine Pouch
  • Holds Two 30-Round M1 Carbine Magazines
  • Space for .30 Carbine Ammunition on Stripper Clips
  • Marked Properly for Added Realism
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Overall Rating
Great for taking my pistol mags to the range
Review by Jake
This pouch is great for 30 round M1 Carbine mags. I also use it to organize my pistol mags. Four 9mm Ruger or Berretta mags fit neatly in a pouch. Six 1911 45 cal mags also fit nicely. I also use them to carry my 22 cal mags for my Ruger SR22.
Overall Rating
Very Satisfied
Review by Derric L.
Perfect mag pouch for my M1 Carbine.
Overall Rating
Review by Bonnie T.
Pleased with this company.
Overall Rating
Review by Avraham M.
The M1 Carbine mag pouch are good. Would absolutely recommend.
Overall Rating
THANKS keepshooting
Review by Sal O.
mag pouchs look good. Just what I expected.
Overall Rating
Thanks KS
Review by Gray K.
Price is good and shipping was fast.
Overall Rating
Quick Processing
Review by Gabriele D.
Leading M1 Carbine mag pouch for the price sold by a terrific company. Thank you KS!
Overall Rating
Good Order
Review by Pavan O.
5 Star
Overall Rating
Great for me
Review by Artice G.
mag pouchs look good. Exactly what I needed.
Overall Rating
Good Seller
Review by Damaris I.
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