M1 Garand En-Bloc Clips

The M1 Garand, also known as the United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, is an icon. Not only did it serve as the replacement for the highly-touted M1903 Springfield, it was essentially the first semi-automatic rifle to see widespread issue to infantry the world over. Obviously, the M1 Garand was not perfect, otherwise it would never have been replaced in 1954 by the M14, but during its two decades as the standard issue U.S. service rifle, the gas-operated, .30-06 Springfield-spitting rifle made quite a name for itself.

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As noted, the M1 Garand can only be fed by an en-bloc clip. The M1 Garand en-bloc clip holds eight .30-06 Springfield cartridges and is designed to be inserted into an internal magazine within the rifle alongside the cartridges as a singular unit. Upon the final discharge, the clip is ejected by the rifle, leaving the bolt open and ready to accept another. With each discharge comes a distinct pinging sound, one that was believed to have been used by enemy forces to signify reload times and therefore an opportunity to attack. The design was by no means perfect but en-bloc clips were both cheap and reliable, qualities that still exist today and can be found in Keepshooting.com's 10-pack of M1 Garand en-bloc clips.

Original en-bloc clips are over 50 years old, and while they make a nice collectible they are probably not the most practical choice. As such, we decided to begin manufacturing our own brand new en-bloc clips. Just as cheap and just as reliable as the originals, our M1 Garand en-bloc clips are manufactured according to U.S. military specifications on Canadian tooling. Each clip is fully heat treated to preserve strength and tension and finished with the correct gray parkerized finished.

Folks, if you want brand new en-bloc clips, these are the clips for you. And because I do not see anyone producing a variant of the M1 Garand that accepts box magazines any time soon, you are stuck with en-bloc clips. Make sure you get some that work. Make sure you get the 10-pack of M1 Garand en-bloc clips from Keepshooting.com today for just $14.95.

Note: As noted, our M1 Garand en-bloc clips were manufactured on existing Canadian tooling. At the risk of damaging the tooling, it was not re-engineered and the mark was left intact. As such, these clips display the D-A-Q marking from Dominion Arsenal Quebec. This appearance of this mark is not an invitation to pass off our en-bloc clips as originals.

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Customer Reviews

Good for me
Review by Melvin I.
Verified Buyer
Finest M1 Garand en-block clip for the buck from a terrific company. Thank you keepshooting!
Very Happy
Review by Ricard S.
Verified Buyer
Best price I could find that was online. Delivery was fast from UPS.
Great Item
Review by Zephan W.
Verified Buyer
Received in four days after ordering. Will be back to shop from Keepshooting.
Good product for price
Review by KP Duty
Verified Buyer
I got a set for my CMP H&R Garand. The finish as others have said is different than other clips you’ll find. They work for me, keeping in mind that helping the op rod on the first round is normal for a Garand. These are tight clips; maybe a little harder to load if you have weak hands.
Great buy
Review by Guy
Verified Buyer
These clips worked great right outta the package. Would highly recommend.
Work fine in my Garand
Review by RemMax
Verified Buyer
I picked up a pack of these a while back from a local vendor and while I don't fire my Garand as much anymore as I used to I use these clips when I do and they fit feed and eject just like the WW2 ones I have do.
I see complaints about them being parked not blued but it seems to me most if not all my original Mil-Surp clips are also parked.
Personally I prefer the parkerizing over bluing anyway, just a matter of preference I guess.
Be glad when they get some more in as I would like to pick up another bag just to keep on hand and having brand new clips is nice to have even though my OEM clips still work fine. Can't ever have to many clips for any of my guns though and this is a good deal for brand new clips.
Good New Clips
Review by Jacob
Verified Buyer
These en-bloc clips are a good price for new ones. They all function well in my M1 Garand.
Review by Justas X.
Verified Buyer
5 Star
Good Item
Review by Richrd Z.
Verified Buyer
Functions great as a en-block clip for my M1 Garand.
Very Pleased
Review by Cayman T.
Verified Buyer
Functions great as a en-block clip for my M1 Garand.
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