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The M2 Carbine Stock is an original Korean War era wood stock for the M2 Carbine. These wood stocks were taken off at some point and stored and now are available for sale. While these are M2 Carbine stocks, they will also work with the M1 Carbine with no modifications. The main differences between the M1 Carbine and M2 Carbine stocks are the M2 is thicker and has a selector cut out.

The M2 Carbine Stock is an all-original wooden stock for the M2 Carbine. These M2 Carbine stocks were made for the Korean war, and were taken off of and replaced with these stocks placed in storage. The reason for these stocks being taken off varies from stock-to-stock, but overall the use of the rifles which these stocks were installed on during the Korean War would have resulted in wear and tear.

With home gunsmithing becoming more popular, these authentic Korean War M2 Carbine Stocks represent a unique and interesting opportunity. There are small defects in each stock, ranging from cracks to blemished finishes. With time, patience, and effort these can be repaired to look great and all of the parts are available for them to be installed on your M1 or M2 Carbine. If you have ever wanted to learn how to repair cracks in wood or gun stocks specifically, these stocks are perfect to practice with and you will not spend much money.

Once repaired and refinished, the value of these stocks will only increase as there are no more "USGI M2 Carbine" stocks being produced.

  • Original Korean War Era M2 Stock Sets
  • Will Have Defects - Cracks, Blemishes, etc.
  • Excellent for Restoration Projects
  • Includes Stock, Handguard, Recoil Plate, Band Spring, Buttplate, Buttplate Screw
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