M7 Shoulder Holster

Our M7 shoulder holster is a reproduction of the original holster issued to the United States Armed Forces alongside the M1911 beginning in World War II – and just as the M1911 remains in service to this day, so too does the M7 shoulder holster. If you have a 1911, then you have got to get your hands on one of these iconic holsters.

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All M7 shoulder holsters offered by Keepshooting.com are reproductions of the original holster that saw issue to the United States Armed Forces beginning in World War II. As such, they are all in brand new condition, which means they are free of wear and tear and ready to begin a life of civilian service. And even though the appeal of an original holster, outside of being correct, is its tattered appearance and real-life history, the condition of our M7 shoulder holsters makes them much more suitable for both display and everyday use.

Measuring approximately nine inches in length and five inches in width, the M7 shoulder holster is constructed almost entirely from full-grain tanned leather. The light tan leather, which makes up nearly the entirety of the holster, is held together with steel rivets and military-grade stitching. The holster also features black finished metal hardware. All features present on the original are faithfully reproduced here, including the "U.S." embossment under the opening. Other details include fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps that make this holster suitable for people of most sizes as well as a belt loop that can be used to keep the holster in place.

Though the M7 shoulder holster was designed specifically for use with the M1911 pistol, its size makes it compatible with a range of modern large-frame pistols and single-action revolvers. You might also be surprised that the M7 shoulder holster is still in use with the Armed Forces to this day alongside the Beretta M9.

Pay tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces and the icon that is the M1911 by picking up your M7 shoulder holster today. Whether you plan on using the holster or you are a collector, the quality and craftsmanship of this fine reproduction is sure to please. Consider this holster for:

- Reenactments

- Collections

- Display

- Much more…

Overall Rating
wore mine in Iraq
Review by George
Got hold of one these fantastic holsters while on duty in Iraq. It is the most comfortable holster for continued daily wear that I have used. Still have it. As the Army wouldn't let me keep my M9 (not fair, 1st they make carry it 24/7, then they take it back), my holster is home to my M1911. So get the holster and then explain to the wife that of course you needed that Model 1911. And that is how a good holster gets its weapon.
Overall Rating
Really new and a bit rough.
Review by Frank
First off, I'm not what one would call a large man. At 5'7" and 160 pounds I'm still in the bell curve for normal size, but I felt downright puny when faced with the default strap adjustments. I reckon I could almost make a spare set of straps from the excess I pulled up from them for a fit.

Second, the holster comes with the clip for the side strap attached at the wrong loop, which caused some confusion. It's worn with one loop over the shoulder and the other wrapping around the body and clipping on the side ring, not the top one. Not a CCW rig, but great for carry when one needs the pistol secure, out of the way, and not prone to snagging stuff.

And last, the leather is very new and ROUGH. The holster has to be stretched a bit to fit a milspec 1911, and I said a few nasty words when I realized that without some work it would be akin to sliding my newly re-parked pistol across sand paper. I picked up a cheap airsoft 1911 plastic pistol for the purposes of stretching it out, which seems to have worked fine. It also smoothed the leather a bit, but I'm going to have to gently sand the leather to make it acceptable for my real pistol. The same roughness is on the straps, but since I won't be wearing them against my skin counts as ergonomic grip.
Overall Rating
Super Sharp looking kit
Review by Jose USMCR
Great for wearing your handgun around all day. Looks super sharp. Great when you are back at the FOB and it does not get in the way of doing your daily chores. Allows you to carry very comfortably.
Overall Rating
Nice quality reproduction
Review by Avidshooter
This holster was made for the M1911 and it would probably fit any newer production 1911. It will unfortunately not fit any other model pistols or revolvers as advertised. Even after I stretched the leather a bit I tried a large and small frame DA revolver an M9 and a SA revolver to no avail.

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