MACE Screecher

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The MACE Screecher ia a easy-to-use personal alarm made by MACE. This alarm is a specially designed canister of CO2 that will emit a 116db alarm with the press of a button. Use the Screecher to signal help, warn of danager, scare an attacker, or have fun pranking those around you.

The MACE Screecher is an easy to carry personal alarm by MACE, the industry leader in personal security devices. With a long record of producing compressed canisters of defensive spray the Screecher represents the next generation of MACE products. No pepper spray or chemical irritant is dispersed when the Screecher is activated, it simply releases an inert gas in a manner that produces an incredibly loud alarm sound.

  • Signal for Help
  • Ear Piercing 116db Alarm
  • High Pitched Shriek - Will Attract Attention Up 1/4 Mile
  • Made by MACE
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