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Magtech .380 ACP Ammuniton - 380B

Magtech .380 ACP Ammunition (JHP)


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  • Magtech .380 ACP Ammuniton - 380B Magtech .380 ACP Ammuniton - 380B

Magtech .380 ACP Ammunition (JHP)

Each box of Magtech .380 ACP ammunition is a product from Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos, or CBC. Developed as a versatile recreational load, this ammunition makes its way from the company's "Sport Shooting" line and is marked by its accuracy, reliability and value as compared to other leading manufacturers' value lines. Made in Brazil, these cartridges are perfect for plinking, target shooting, training exercises and more. Each box contains 50 brass-cased cartridges, each of which contains a 95 gr jacketed hollow point projectile. These non-corrosive cartridges are perfect for use with any platform chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge, and are prime candidates for reloading.

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Originally founded as the commercial brand for parent group Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos, better known as CBC, Magtech is foreign ammunition manufacturer based in São Paulo, Brazil that specializes in small arms calibers that range from .22 LR to .500 S&W.

Despite being established just over 20 years ago, Magtech brings CBC's more than 80 years of production experience to the operation, 43 of which were spent under the control of the Remington Arms Company. Experience like that can mean only one thing – the Magtech brand is recognized worldwide for delivering technologically advanced products marked by their supreme performance and reliability. Those qualities that are ensured by adhering to either SAAMI, CIP or NATO standards for all products, each of which is produced in Magtech's vertically integrated factory that includes its own powder plant, primer plant and a brass and bullet processing facility. And because Magtech pledges to use only materials of the highest quality that are refined using cutting-edge technologies and produced in the aforementioned state-of-the-art facility, their brand is exported to over 50 countries worldwide and trusted by more than 20 national police forces spread across Europe, Asia and Central America. In other words, Magtech is a brand on which you can rely.

As noted, each box of Magtech .380 ACP ammunition is a product from the company's "Sport Shooting" line. Marketed as the company's versatile recreational shooting line, Magtech .380 ACP is ideal for a number of shooting applications, including plinking, target shooting, training exercises and more. Like all other Magtech ammunition, the Sport Shooting line has come to be known for its uncanny accuracy and overall outstanding performance, which stem from the line's promise to observe three commandments: reliability, performance and value. All ammunition from the Sport Shooting line is manufactured in Brazil at the headquarters' main manufacturing facility in São Paulo using only premium raw components to provide for uncompromised performance at a great value. It is distributed in the United States by the American division located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

Having said all of that, each box of Magtech .380 ACP ammunition contains 50 non-corrosive, brass-cased cartridges. Each cartridge contains a 95 gr jacketed hollow point projectile, which is specially designed to maximize tissue damage, increase stopping power and offer consistent on-target expansion. This particular load also boasts muzzle velocities that have been observed to travel at speeds of up to 951 fps. At 50 yards, a distance well over the typical range for self-defense, the velocity dips slightly to just 861 fps. All Magtech ammunition is manufactured using premium raw materials and is hand-inspected prior to shipping.

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