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Our Makarov magazine is a standard-capacity magazine designed for use with any Makarov pistol. Each single-stack magazine boasts a design based on the original military Makarov magazine, and will hold and feed eight rounds of 9x18mm Makarov ammunition to your pistol. Guaranteed to fit and function in any Makarov pistol, these brand new magazines are a must-have accessory for any Makarov enthusiast.

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  • Makarov Magazine
  • Caliber: 9x18mm
  • Capacity: 8 Rounds

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Customer Reviews

Needs work.
Review by Mark
Verified Buyer
I purchased 3 of these mags having read the mostly positive reviews. I have purchased other Keepshooting mags for the Sig Mosquito and the Walther P22 and was very pleased with the quality and function. The Makarov mags not so much. The first problem I noticed right out of the box was the floor plates are loose. This is due to the magazine being made of thinner steel than the factory original mags. The quick fix is to slightly bend the lips on the bottom of the mag to tighten up the gap in the floor plate. The second problem is the slide stop tab on the side of the mag sticks out too far and will drag in your mag well. This needs to be filed down to the factory specs for proper function. Third problem is the feed lips are bent to almost 90 degrees. You need to bend these to match you factory mag angle. Fourth problem is the magazine is not cut deep enough where the bullet meets the pistols feed ramp. This is an easy fix with a file or dremel. Problem number 5 is the biggie. The magazine catch/release tab on the back of the mag is too high. This causes the mag to sit too low in the pistol. This causes poor feeding because of the increased angle on the feed ramp and only slightly pushed up the slide stop after the last round is fired. I haven't been able to come up with a fix for this problem yet. Maybe KS can correct this on the next batch? I hope this helps. I have been a Mak fan for 20 years and own 5. I have 2 Russian, 2 Bulgarian and 1 German so I am quite familiar with Maks and any issues they may have.
Rough, But Worth an Effort
Review by Jeff
Verified Buyer
Purchased two of these and they do have good consistency of quality - unfinished. They both exhibit the same deficiencies as others have mentioned. Be prepared to rework an item into functionality. Mostly of concern are the loading tab's interference and the catch in the wrong place. The 5 stars part is for the price, and given that they are recoverable with some effort, the item is well worth the price. Just please be careful.
Excellent mags
Review by Guy
Verified Buyer
These mags are in tip top shape for lots of shooting and normal carry, highly recommend and would buy again.
Needs work to function, but some flaws cannot be worked out.
Review by Shooter
Verified Buyer
I bought a handful of these for a Bulgarian Makarov.

First thing that I noticed, is that they created a lot of friction when being inserted into the magazine well. I noticed that some magazines would produce so much friction at this tab, that they would fail to cycle, as the follower would be jammed in the middle of the mag due to the tab grinding it to a halt. This is due to the follower having too long of a tab that pushes the slide stop up. The solution to excessive friction was to file down that tab to make it as long as the factory original.

Second thing that I noticed, is that the magazines will sometimes fail to chamber a round on the first round. This is because of the front of the magazine feed lip is higher than the originals. This created a ton of friction on the top round, and on the following rounds as well. I was able to easily remove rounds from the factory magazine, while these new ones would need a LOT of force to remove by hand. The solution to this, is to file the front of the magazine where the rounds pass over.

I noticed that these magazines only pushed the slide stop half way up. They would sometimes make the slide fail to lock open after the last round because of this. This has no solution that I am aware of, as you would need to add some material to make the tab push the slide stop all the way up.

Then I compared these mags with the factory ones, and noticed that the little notch for the magazine release was in a different spot as well. This could have contributed to the failure to lock the slide back.

These magazines are junk when used in the standard Makarov (Bulgarian in this case, which is identical to the Russian military model). I would not trust my life with them, and I would not trust them to be at the range.

The ONLY reason why I gave these a value of 2 stars, is because I was able to take the springs out of them, and put one in the original factory magazine. Perhaps the flood plates interchange as well. Hopefully, the springs are of better quality than the rest of these mags.
finish is quite rough -
Review by phil
Verified Buyer
Compare to the S&W 69 magazine I received from KeepShooting this magazine is quite rough. Barely fits into the mag well and will absolutely will not drop free.

I see the 24 round break in warning but I can't imagine it will break in that much in 24 rounds.
I order 10 mags and after using my grinder and a demel The mags worked
Review by dorwin
Verified Buyer
There are at least 4 Makarov pistol manufactures I have two, east German and Russian made, The angle of exit was not sufficient to allow smooth loading and the catch and release is off by a fraction. Although I made the appropriate adjustments the cost was worth it. The folks at keepshooting offered to refund me if I wished. I'll be coming back.
Took some work
Review by Craig
Verified Buyer
I bought 2 of these and found that one worked while the other didn't. The lips on top of the magazine were not the same, very poor quality control. While one magazine was a little stiff and broke in nicely after a few rounds the other would not let the slide cycle. The feed claw struck the back of the magazine lips so that the slide would lock back. I took it apart and used my Dremel to remove and smooth out the top of the magazine. After about 30 minutes of smoothing and test fitting would the slide finally clear.
First time out they worked well
Review by Wayne
Verified Buyer
Had to grind down the load lever on the side, just a little to get them to go in and out, took them to the range where I was able to shoot my bi-metal ammo, all four work well with FMJ, haven't tried Hollow points.
Review by Darrell
Verified Buyer
Had no issues with mine but got one for a friend and he said he had to file down the lower portion where bullet exits the mag. Other than that he's happy too. Fast shipping from KS!
Rearming the Russian Pistolet Markarov
Review by Ron
Verified Buyer
I received my order of (2) magazines for my 1975 ( IJ-70) Russian Makarov (9x18) today, & am well pleased with their quality, fit & finish. After a good cleaning I immediately loaded them up, & cycled them through a few inert rounds and they both functioned superb even before reaching the printed break-in # of 24. I will be buying more in the near future. Very good, solid packaging for shipment. I highly recommend, & look forward too "Busting a few caps" down at the farm tomorrow. Thanks!

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