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MAS-36 Grease Can

MAS-36 Grease Can

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  • MAS-36 Grease Can MAS-36 Grease Can
  • MAS-36 Grease Can - Opened MAS-36 Grease Can - Opened

MAS-36 Grease Can

The MAS-36 Grease Can is an authentic accessory from the French army for the MAS-36 rifle. This grease can would be used to carry grease for use with cleaning and lubricating the MAS-36 rifle. These grease cans are from the 1940s and are an accessory that is rarely seen for the MAS-36. Those who own a MAS-36 know that collecting the accessories is a fun and unique challenge.


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The MAS-36 was the standard service rifle for the French Army from 1936 until 1949, with it continuing to be used well into 1978 in limited roles. During this time the MAS-36 served in virtually every French conflict, including World War II and colonial uprisings around the world. This widespread use of the MAS-36 has led to great collector interest, and large quantities of these fine French rifles were imported and sold to collectors in the United States.

One of the most challenging and fun aspects of owning a military surplus rifle like the MAS-36 is assembling all of the issued accessories. Often times when military forces retire rifles, they destroy non-essential accessories like support equipment deemed non-essential. This would be items like bayonets, slings, pouches, and assorted soft goods that were previously issued with the rifle but no longer are necessary. Collecting these accessories will make your rifle more complete, and give you the entire package of goods to go with your rifle. These MAS-36 grease cans would be one of these accessories, as we have never seen them offered before and expect to never have them again once we are sold out.

  • Genuine MAS-36 Accessory
  • French Military Surplus
  • Surplus Used Condition
  • Made in the 1940's - 70+ Years Old

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TexLaw 4/8/2017 4/8/20178:19 PM
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Cool tiny can with two compartments
Ive been looking at this thing for months. I bought it out of curiosity. It has two lids that open on a hinge. There is a compartment on the topside and bottom side. It is less than four inches lengthwise and less than 2.5 widthwise. Right now it occupies shelf space, but I will figure out a use. It is sorts like two altoids cans stuck together.

1 Item(s)

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