Mechanix Wear Original Coyote Gloves

The Mechanix Wear Original tactical gloves revolutionized the hand protection industry with their versatility and anatomical design. Now available in Coyote with the same rugged 0.8mm synthetic leather infused with touchscreen technology construction found on all Mechanix Wear Original gloves. With ultra breathable TrekDry® conforming to the back of your hands, your hands will stay cool and comfortable in the field. The Mechanix Wear Original delivers unmatched fit, feel and functionality so you can focus on what lies down range.

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  • Form-fitting TrekDry® helps keep your hands cool and comfortable.
  • Adjustable Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) wrist closures create a secure fit.
  • Reinforced thumb and index finger improve durability.
  • Touchscreen capable synthetic leather provides the perfect blend of dexterity and durability.
  • Nylon carrier loops.
  • Machine washable.

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Customer Reviews

Worth it!
Review by Wednesday Y.
Verified Buyer
You see these every where for a reason. Fit is good (for me), diggin the coyote color. We'll see how they hold up.
The only gloves I enjoy wearing.
Review by Mortez G.
Verified Buyer
I've only had cheap Target or HarborFreight gloves until now, but these are actually work gloves I enjoy wearing. None of that finger stitching irritating my hands, or inseams that just bother me. High quality, heavy duty, comfy.
LOVE these gloves
Review by Zulema T.
Verified Buyer
mechanix's gloves...what else do i need to say...these are AWESOME and they keep my hands clean and without cuts and bruises...they DO disolve in JP-5 though but it takes soime time for the stiches to finally let loose
Great for what it is.
Review by Jackee Q.
Verified Buyer
I bought these gloves because I was looking for something protective and light to wear while shooting that wouldn't hinder my dexterity. These gloves fit the bill perfectly. I like them so much I decided to order another pair. The only drawback is that they don't grip very well (I found that when working with hand tools, I could get a better/more tight grip with the gloves on). However, this wasn't a problem while I was the title says: "great for what it is."
Works as advertised.
Review by Jewelie X.
Verified Buyer
There is nothing to say about these gloves. I have been using Mechanix products for years now, mostly for working on my car and other friend's cars and they have always performed flawlessly. They protect from the heat and prevent your hand from getting all dirty and greasy. This pair I bought for use in airsoft games, as I have heard of servicemen using Mechanix Gloves in the line of duty (besides, usually gloves are pretty multipurpose anyways). These perform just as well as all the other pairs I have bought before. I can grab tree branches without worry, slide down hills with one hand for support and all that happens is my gloves get covered in leaves and dust. They're also great for protecting your hand from stray BBs, of course they're not padded so your hand will still feel a slight sting, but they do provide a small layer of protection which helps (BB's contacting bare skin = no bueno).

I will definitely be buying these again, Mechanix has me as a lifetime customer.
Good product
Review by Bethanny B.
Verified Buyer
I am using these gloves in Afghanistan and so far they have held up well and done their job effectively. I have owned this brand before, and haven't had any bad experiences.
Good product
Review by Aleana K.
Verified Buyer
I go to the range about twice a month and abuse these gloves for several hours at a time.
The gloves wear well, look great and do a fantastic job of protecting my hands.
Great Shooting Gloves
Review by Herman S.
Verified Buyer
The gloves fit very well and have a great feel. I have used them at the range and they worked great. I hope to get a year or more of service out of them.
Great glove
Review by Silva U.
Verified Buyer
I have 3 pairs of this glove now, this is excellent work glove, i use it doing work in the garden, do small work around the house, and finally i use this knife when i go to range to shoot, and camping.
Excellent all around glove.
good light duty gloves
Review by Decorius P.
Verified Buyer
Got these gloves after seeing the video review done by nutnfancy on youtube. can say that I am happy with these gloves and they were worth the money I paid for the them. They are not as tough as some of the "hand armor" gloves that I have purchased, but they are not intended to be. Dexterity is good and the fit is snug but not too tight. I will buy these again if these wear out.

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