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The Mepro MX3 is an in-line magnifying scope designed and built in Israel by Meprolight. With a close association with the Israeli Defense Force, Meprolight developed the MX3 to meet the needs of these elite fighters in Israel. The MX3 will work in conjunction with any quality reflex sight to include the Mepro M21 or the Eotech. Why not enhance your battle tested sight with this magnifying scope today.

The Mepro MX3 is a combat-ready and battle tested 3x magnifying scope made in Israel by Meprolight. Now that reflex sights have become the standard for combat, sport, and recreational shooters the desire to improve has resulted in magnifying scopes like the MX3. With the use of this in-line magnifying scope, your reflex sight will bring far away targets within your reach expanding the possibilities of your current optical sight.

Meprolight has a close working relationship with the Israeli Defense Force and produced the MX3 in direct support of these elite fighters. With the environment in Israel being extreme, the combat conditions being harsh, you can rest assured that your MX3 will out perform commercial magnifying scopes. Your MX3 will provide robust, high quality performance, and help your realize the true potential of your current reflex sight. If you do not already own a combat grade reflex sight, we suggest the M21 reflex sight to be paired with this MX3. The MX3 easily attaches behind any reflect sight using the quick detach Picatinny rail system that is incorporated into the base of the MX3.

  • 3X Magnifying Scope
  • Picatinny Rail Mounting System
  • Use with or without Reflex / Red Dot Sight
  • Requires no Zeroing
  • Wide Field of View
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