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The MG-3 Bipod is an authentic German army bipod that was designed to support the weight of the German MG-3 machine gun. With the German MG-3 being directly based on the WWII-era MG-42 this bipod will fit either the MG-42 or the MG-3. These bipods are of a quick detach design and can be easily folded and stored when not in use.

The MG-3 bipod is a heavy duty all-steel bipod that is designed to withstand full auto fire from the MG-3 heavy machine gun. With the rate of fire, recoil impulse, and sustained fire role of the MG-3 you can be sure that this bipod is built tough. What makes this bipod particularly interesting is it will also fit the MG-42 or Yugo M-53 as all three firearms are based on the same World War II designed MG-42.

We have all original MG-3 bipods that come direct from the German Army with each being suitable for use with your MG-42 style firearm. These bipods are great for supporting the weight of these heavy duty firearms. With this design, you could easily adapt this bipod to fit a variety of other firearms that are heavy in weight and need a well engineered bipod for stability and support.

  • Authentic German Army MG-3 Bipod
  • All Steel Construction
  • Quick Detach Locking Mechanism
  • Fits MG-42, M-53, and MG-3
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