Mil-Tec Handcuffs

The Mil-Tec Handcuffs are a pair of single lock handcuffs that feature a quick release lever. Handcuffs with quick release levers are ideal for training security professionals on proper methods for applying handcuffs. With no need to frequently use a key to unlock these cuffs, you can practice your deployment method for handcuffing a suspect. These handcuffs also make great cuffs for games, tricks, and other scenarios.

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The Mil-Tec Handcuffs are a pair of brand new single lock handcuffs made in Taiwan by the H.S. factory. These single lock handcuffs feature a quick release lever on the side of each cuff that will release the locking mechanism without the use of a key. This unique feature should be considered a safety mechanism making these handcuffs ideal for use by non-qualified or trained individuals. You can apply the handcuffs and should you want to remove them, just press down on the quick release lever on the side of each cuff to release the locking mechanism.

  • Single Lock Style Police Handcuffs
  • Integrated Quick Release Mechanism
  • Comes with Two Keys
  • Great for Training, Magic Tricks, or Party Games

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