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The multi-tool, better known by its generic trademark "Leatherman," is a single tool that combines the function of a multitude of tools. It is like someone dumped a toolbox into a blender and the result was a single ingenious tool rather than a trip to the emergency room. Now you can experience the magic of the multi tool with the new Mil-Tec multi tool from The Mil-Tec multi tool is everything you would expect from a multi tool. Combining a slew of tools in one sturdy frame, the Mil-Tec multi tool is sure to help you MacGyver your way out of any sticky situation. 

As noted, a multi tool is any tool that combines several tools or functions into one single handheld unit. The idea of the multi tool is believed to date back to Ancient Rome, where the citizens used multi tools for eating. Of course, they would have looked very different from what we know as multi tools today.

The Swiss army knife is actually considered a multi tool and is one of the earliest contemporary designs. Today, many people associate the term multi tool with its generic trademark, "Leatherman." The Leatherman® was a multi tool originally developed in 1984 by Tim Leatherman. This model, unlike the Swiss army knife, incorporated a set of pliers in a balisong-style housing. Now, the market is flooded with similar designs, including the Mil-Tec multi tool.

There are not too many jobs that the Mil-Tec multi tool cannot handle. And rather than tell you about it in exquisite, exciting detail, I will just let the tool speak for itself. The Mil-Tec multi tool includes:

- Spring-loaded Pliers

- Wire cutters

- Large blade

- Small blade

- Large flathead screwdriver

- Medium flathead screwdriver

- Small flathead screwdriver

- Bottle opener

- Can opener

- Saw blade

- Ruler

- Phillips head screwdriver

Best of all, it is small enough to slip easily into a pocket. If you are not the pocket-having type, never fear. The Mil-Tec multi tool includes a mildew-resistant nylon sheath to house the multi tool. The sheath features a closure flap that is secured via Velcro® (another generic trademark) and a 2.75-inch belt loop.

So next time you decide to get marooned on a deserted island, make sure you remember to grab your Mil-Tec multi tool. It will make surviving the ordeal much easier considering you will probably not have a pallet for of duct tape at your disposal.

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