Mil-Tec Pocket Tool

With the Mil-Tec pocket tool, you get 11 helpful tools in one handheld unit that is capable of getting you through almost any household job. In fact, with the Mil-Tec pocket tool, you would do well to toss your toolbox in the garbage because it has just about everything you could possibly need.

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Produced by German manufacturer Mil-Tec, the Mil-Tec pocket tool is, in essence, a miniature multi tool.

A multi tool is any tool that combines several tools or functions into one single handheld unit. The idea of the multi tool is believed to date back to Ancient Rome, where the citizens used multi tools for eating. Of course, they would have looked very different from what we know as multi tools today.

The Swiss army knife is actually considered a multi tool and is one of the earliest contemporary designs. Today, many people associate the term multi tool with its generic trademark, "Leatherman." The Leatherman® was a multi tool originally developed in 1984 by Tim Leatherman. This model, unlike the Swiss army knife, incorporated a set of pliers into a balisong-style housing. Today, companies the world over produce similar items, including the Mil-Tec pocket tool available from today.

Much like our larger Mil-Tec multi tool, the Mil-Tec pocket tool crams a wealth of helpful tools into a single unit that is useful in completing a variety of everyday tasks. Those tools include:

- Spring-loaded pliers

- Wire cutters

- Large blade

- Small blade

- Large flathead screwdriver

- Medium flathead screwdriver

- Small flathead screwdriver

- Phillips head screwdriver

- Bottle opener

- Can opener

- File

Perhaps best of all is the fact that the Mil-Tec pocket tool is noticeably smaller than most other multi tools on the market. When closed, it measures approximately three inches in length and can be slipped easily into any pocket, purse or bag. Additionally, it ships with a mildew-resistant nylon sheath that features a Velcro®-secured closure flap and a 2 1/4 inch belt loop.

Whether you are working in your garage or stuck in the woods, the Mil-Tec pocket tool is an excellent piece to have handy. Consider grabbing one today for:

- Camping

- Everyday use

- Hiking

- Hunting

- Survival

- Much more…

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Overall Rating
Good quality for the price
Review by Stephen
Overall - very good especially for this price. The large blade had a bit of a wire edge, but a quick stoning took care of that. The flathead blades are all properly ground, square with a flat tip, not the rounded edges common on a cheap tool. Even the wire cutter worked on solid wire. Not so much on stranded wires. As others noted, the exposed spring might be a problem, but the tool would be usable even without that. Overall a great addition to an emergency kit or bag where it is not likely to see heavy use. Will probably buy more.
Overall Rating
Mil Tech Pocket Tool
Review by Dominic
Its a nice little tool to have and I got one for an emergency bag and one for home. No problems with the one I use, and not expensive.
Overall Rating
Very useful little tool
Review by Bradley
Multi-tools always come in handy, you never know when you are going to need one. This one fits the bill perfectly, it was cheap and very sturdy. I gave it to my girlfriend and she carries it in her purse daily. I know a lot of people knock multi-tools because one should always use "the right tool" but this gets the job done quickly and effectively without having to lug a toolbox around.
Overall Rating
Multi-Purpose Knife
Review by Ryan
I carry one of these whenever i do a job and find it comes in handy, but isn't any different than another pocket knife. Still is very nice to have though, and way less expensive.
Overall Rating
To Mil-Tec Pocket Tool or not to Mil-Tec Pocket Tool
Review by John
I actually bought one of these Mil-Tec Pocket Tools, then bought another. One I put in my girls haversack and one in mine. I do have a couple of expensive ones but why loose or abuse them. These multi tools have the same tools and can accomplish a multitude of tasks without having a "leatherman" or "Gerber" or any other name on them. At this price I may get another for backup. Something to think about...
Overall Rating
OK in a pinch
Review by BK
First off yes it's German yes it is well made. BUT it's good only for quick jobs or to supplement your pocket knife it's no swiss army knife. First off it's small opened about 4 1/2 inch's so anything you want to work on better be small also Blade on it is 1" long but strong, Closed in it's own pouch it's only 31/2 inch's so it will go nicely on my belt if I need more then my pocket knife great kids or ladies gift or if you need a little extra help..
Overall Rating
Indispensable, all-day carry tool
Review by Jerry
Very similar to its larger brother, this tool is well-designed ergonomically, has no pinch points, deploys easily, is simple & comfortable to use, and has no burrs or sharp edges. In short, its quality rivals tools costing many times as much, while sacrificing little in functionality. This tool, at a price point of $7.95, is inexpensive enough so that one needn't worry about a loss, yet retains all of the functionality necessary for daily carry. It is small enough that I carry one everywhere, and use it constantly for small odd jobs. Also makes a great gift.

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