British Military Mosquito Net

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The British Military Mosquito Net is a military surplus mosquito net from the British Army. These mosquito nets are designed to be hung over your cot or sleeping area and will keep mosquitos and other insects away from you while you sleep.

The military mosquito net is a brand new, military-grade mosquito net designed to be draped over cots and other portable sleeping arrangements. It is the perfect accessory for outdoorsmen that prefer to get a sound night's sleep rather than swatting pests for eight hours.

The net itself is constructed from a deep green polyester material and includes a series of metal loops attached to canvas trim that allows the net to be hung over any standard, full-sized cot. Mosquito nets such as these are, perhaps, the best protection from mosquitos and other insects outside of chemical repellants. This lightweight netting has a high degree of transparency and is manufactured with a cross-stitch pattern that prevents the material from stretching, which would make it more porous and less effective. As it stands, the netting is so tightly knit that even the smallest of insects will have trouble getting through.

Best of all, the military mosquito net comes packed in its own transport bag. The transport bag is a small bag constructed from nylon that features a simple cinch-cord closure and a color that matches the net itself.

The mosquitos have already taken over our summer; do not let them take over your camping trips and outdoor excursions. Consider the military mosquito net for:

- Military

- Camping

- Survival

- Much more…

Grab your military mosquito net today for only $7.95.

Note: The cot pictured is not included with your purchase.

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