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Military Surplus Clothing


Combat Tested Clothing - Be Prepared For Anything

Military surplus clothing is one of the most popular categories of military surplus. With military forces fielding clothing for use on and off the battlefield, the variety and style of military surplus clothing is extensive. You'll find all aspects of military surplus clothing do share some common traits:

  • Intensive Quality Control For Each Piece of Clothing
  • Purpose Built Design - Not "Just a Shirt" - Fulfills Combat Requirement
  • Out Performs and Out Classes Highest Priced Commercial Clothing
  • Manufactured to Withstand Combat Zone Level Abuse
  • Priced Significantly Less Than Similarly Rated Commercial Clothing

Military Surplus Jackets - Superior Performance, Popularly Priced

Military surplus jackets are one of the strongest reasons to choose military surplus clothing. Nations will equip their soldiers with high performance jackets to ensure battlefield superiority. You will find the fleece jackets issued by the military are vastly superior to imported commercial fleece jackets. Many arctic adventurers select military surplus winter jackets for their proven track record of supporting soldiers operating in extreme cold weather conditions. There are also military jackets which have been adopted by the fashion industry where they have taken on a new life with one example being the Navy Peacoat. Explore our military surplus jackets to uplevel your outerwear before your next adventure.

Military Surplus Jackets

Jackets for Every Mission - Value Priced

Military Surplus Jackets
Military Surplus Peacoats

Authentic Naval Peacoats - Timeless Style

Surplus Navy Peacoats
Winter Jackets and Parkas

Winter Jackets for All Cold Weather Climates

Winter Jackets and Parkas
Military Surplus Fleece Jackets

Military Grade Fleece Jackets - For Every Budget

Military Fleece Jackets

Military Surplus Clothing - Powerful Style That Protects

Military surplus shirts are unique in that they feature a powerful style mixed with impressive protective properties. After action reporting from combat has lead to the development of fabrics that do not melt, resist fire, and regulate body heat to ensure soldiers have every advantage on the battlefield. This has lead to the deployment of fire resistant shirts which ensure soldiers have a base layer that protects their skin from being injured in the event of a combat accident. Prior to professional athletes wearing moisture wicking shirts the military fielded them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military Surplus Shirts

Sweaters, Camouflage, and Protective Shirts

Military Surplus Shirts
Military Surplus Pants

Camouflage, Cold Weather, and Dress Pants

Military Surplus Pants
Military Surplus Coveralls

Protective and Cold Weather Coveralls

Military Surplus Coveralls
Military Surplus Ponchos

Camouflage, Wet Weather, and Protective Ponchos

Military Surplus Ponchos

Military Surplus Clothing Accessories

The military fields a wide variety of base layers to give soldiers the ability to outfit themselves in layers to deal with extreme climates. You'll be ready for your adventure by utilizing this combat proven technology on your next adventure. Start with a pair of military socks which are available in either an officers dress sock or a wool sock for warmth even when wet.. True value is found all over our selection of military surplus gloves which includes a range of gloves from extreme cold weather to leather shooting gloves.

Military Surplus Base Layers

Long Johns, Balaclavas, and Pant Liners - Stay Warm

Base Layers
Military Surplus Gloves

Gloves and Mittens for Every Task and Climate

Gloves and Mittens
Military Surplus Socks

Highest Quality Socks - Officers Dress Socks and Wool Socks

Military Surplus Hats

Hats, Caps, and Berets From Around the World

Belts and Suspenders

Dress Belts, Parade Belts, Pistol Belts and More

Belts and Suspenders
Uniforms and Suits

Military Uniforms, Suits, and Enlistment Packs

Uniforms and Suits

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