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Military Surplus Helmets


Helmets and Helmet Accessories. Get Chin Strapped.

Perhaps no other piece of issued gear has produced a love-hate relationship with soldiers like helmets. When in combat soldiers want the most protective helmet available no matter how uncomfortable or heavy the helmet. During peacetime helmets are seen as more of a nuisance. What is not in doubt however is the demand from collectors for authentic military surplus helmets. Some of the helmets that we have are military surplus firefighters helmets which come from both domestic and foreign military forces. We also have the traditional military surplus steel pot helmets which have been fielded for well over a century.

Helmet Nets and Covers

Military Surplus Helmet Nets and Covers

Helmet Nets And Covers
Military Surplus Steel Pot Helmets

The Traditional and Classic Steel Pot Helmet

Steel Pot Helmets
Military Firefighter Helmets

Specialized Helmets for Soldiers Performing Firefighting Duties

Firefighter Helmets
Surplus Police Helmets

Police Helmets for Protection and Riot Response

Police Helmets
Protective Helmets

Specialized Protective Helmets for Dangerous Tasks

Protective Helmets