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Ash vs Evil Dead - Fire In The Hole

Ash vs Evil Dead

About the Series

Ash vs Evil Dead is one of the original series produced by the Starz network. The basis for the show is the adventures of Ash Williams played by Bruce Campbell who starred in the original Evil Dead which this series is based on. This show is one of the most enjoyable series produced by any of the premium channels as it is pure fun and you do not need to be a fan of or familiar with the original Evil Dead to enjoy it. If you aren't currently a Starz subscriber, the network makes it very easy for you to add Starz to your lineup or subscribe to Starz Direct to watch online.

 Episode 7: Fire in the Hole

Ash vs Evil Dead - Fire in the Hole

This episode is based around Ash, Kelly, Pablo, and Amanda traveling to see Ash's buddy Lem who is part of the Michigan Militia to acquire weapons to kill Deadites. After a run-in with the Deadites at a bar the group makes their way to the militia encampment where they find Ash's friend Lem has become possessed by demons. There are lots of cool scenes where the militiamen are wearing military surplus gear and carrying military style rifles.

Spot the Military Surplus

This episode is packed full of military gear once Ash and crew makes it to the militia bunker. We are going to focus on the most memorable scenes though and that would be when Pablo and Kelly and being hunted by the militiamen who are trying to capture them out of a belief they are government agents. While the militiamen are on the hunt for Pablo and Kelly they become possessed by the same type of demons that took over Lem's body and they become psycho crazy. Pablo and Kelly manage to kill the two militiamen who are hunting them.  Take a look at what the demon possessed militiamen look like:

Ash vs Evil Dead - Fire in the Hole - Demon in Gas Mask

You can spot the Israeli Gas Mask in this screenshot that was utilized by both the militia and by Pablo who wore one to be able to sneak into the bunker after him and Kelly killed the two militiamen who were hunting them. This gas mask doesn't have a filter installed which I think you will agree makes it look creepy - almost demonic - especially with the white eyes visible through the eyelets and the blood soaked militiaman.

Recreate The Look

Israeli Gas Mask


We have the same gas mask that was used by the prop master of Ash vs Evil Dead. The gas mask is an Israeli civilian gas mask which is one of the most prolific gas masks ever made. You will be able to create your own version of the Deadite possessed militiaman with this gas mask covering your face. We have plenty of military surplus jackets that you can wear to add to the look to become your own Deadite possessed patriot.

Send Us Your Military Surplus Sighting

Seen military surplus in a TV show or movie?  Send us the information and we will document the items in our next edition!