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  1. The French Navy Wool Peacoat is an authentic military surplus jacket from the French Navy.  Recognized around the world the Peacoat is the standard jacket for all sailors and is prized for the fashionable look and classic style it represents.

  2. The Italian Navy Wool Peacoat is an authentic jacket from the Italian Navy. While the design of this jacket is of the traditional peacoat style, the Italian Navy spared no expense in making this one of the very best peacoat jackets. The materials used to produce the jacket are a wool and polyester bend which produces a comfortable, stylish, and warm jacket.

  3. The German Navy Pea Coat with Insignia is an authentic wool blend pea coat from Germany. These naval jackets were issued to sailors in the German Navy as part of official dress uniform. These pea coats are the only jackets of this type that we've ever had where the insignia is still attached. This makes each jacket unique as you can determine from the insignia the rank of the sailor who it was issued to.


3 Item(s)