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Military Surplus

Military Surplus

Explore and Discover Military Surplus - Value and Performance Without Equal

Military Surplus represents value and performance without an equal in the commercial market. The highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price - with the cost, development, and production having already been paid for under the original military contract.

  • Highest Standards in Production and Design
  • Development, Production, and Manufacturing With Unlimited Budget
  • Product Performance Testing Under Harshest Conditions
  • No Expense Spared In Maintaining Goods in the Field
  • Once Sufficient Quantities are Issued Bundles of Excess Surplus Sold at Auction for Pennies

Military Surplus in Daily Use

With the military deployed around the world, much of military surplus can be used by you every day. One of the most popular daily use items are military surplus backpacks and shoulder bags. Our selection of military surplus clothing is also a great example of everyday use military surplus as you will find military surplus jackets for all weather conditions to keep you warm and dry.

Military Surplus Bags and Packs

All Things Bags - Military Surplus Backpacks, Shoulder Bags, and More

Bags and Packs
Military Surplus Backpacks

Military Surplus Backpacks of All Sizes and Nations - Combat Tested and Battle Proven

Military Backpacks
Military Surplus Clothing

Military Surplus Backpacks of All Sizes and Nations - Combat Tested and Battle Proven

Military Clothing
Military Surplus Jackets

Military Surplus Backpacks of All Sizes and Nations - Combat Tested and Battle Proven

Military Jackets

Military Surplus in Outdoor Use

WIth the military being in the field for training or in a supporting role for an engagement overseas there is a huge selection of field gear to support this effort. Some of the items that are classified as field gear include military surplus tents and military surplus sleeping bags which give soldiers shelter while in the field. These two classes of goods are ideal for hiking or camping as they provide superior performance at a bargain price when compared to commercial offerings.

Military Surplus Field Gear

Military Surplus Field Gear - Ideal for Camping or Hiking

Military Field Gear
Military Surplus Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags for All Climates and Conditions

Military Sleeping Bags
Military Blankets

Wool Blankets from Military Forces Around the World

Military Blankets
Military Surplus Lights

Lights and Lanterns from US and NATO Aligned Forces

Military Lights

Military Surplus Collecting

One important aspect of military surplus is the collectible nature of many military surplus items. You may enjoy and carry a knife which means you should browse our selection of military surplus bayonets where you'll find authentic bayonets from around the world. Many bayonets from the past have become collectors items and command a premium when sold so these bayonets represent a good investment. Fancy a dummy grenade or perhaps a training anti-tank landmine? Our selection of inert ordnance has gear that you'll proudly display once receiving it.

Military Surplus Bayonets

Current Issue and Vintage Military Surplus Bayonets

Military Surplus Bayonets
Military Surplus Inert Ordnance

Fully Inert Military Ordnance - Grenades, Rockets, Landmines

Inert Ordnance
Military Surplus Helmets

Helmets Of Every Design From Around the World

Military Helmets
Military Surplus Collectibles

Vintage Military Antiques, One-of-a-Kind Items

Military Collectibles

Military Surplus Tactical Gear

One overlooked aspect of military surplus is military surplus tactical gear. With the military having primarily a war fighting role there is a considerable amount of tactical gear fielded by soldiers in the military. Even though you won't be fighting a war, much of the military tactical gear has dual-use potential in the civilian world. You may want to keep a military surplus gas mask in your garage for the times you are working with materials that produce irritants like spray paint. You'll find that military surplus load bearing gear gives you a solution to how to carry all of your support equipment into the field. Pockets galore allow you can pack extra batteries, camera attachments, knives and tools which ensure your success on your next outing.

Military Surplus Gas Masks

Gas Masks, Gas Mask Filters, NBC Suits, and More

Gas Masks

Military Surplus Shooting Gear

Military Holsters, Magazine Pouches, Slings, and More

Shooting Gear

Military Load Bearing Gear

ALICE Pouches, MOLLE Gear, Camouflage Pouches and More

Load Bearing Gear
Military Surplus Tactical Gear

Military Surplus Body Armor, Tactical Goggles, and More

Tactical Gear