Mira Safety Portable Dosimeter Geiger Counter

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Protect yourself and your family from concentrated radiation, industrial accidents and nuclear disasters with the ultra-compact MIRA Safety Geiger-1 Dosimeter. Engineered to provide a small yet functional dosimeter solution for civilians, the Geiger-1 radiation detector is also designed to provide the same level of durable reliability as much larger military units—making it the best Geiger counter for practically every buyer.


  • Compact, Pocket-Friendly Design is Discreet and Durable
  • Simple, Two-Button Function is Easy to Lean and Extremely Reliable
  • Runs On Two LR44 Button Cell Batteries
  • Integrated Alarm Triggered At 0.3 Microsieverts Per Hour
  • Detects Gamma Radiation At Levels As Low As 0.1 Megaelectron Volts
  • Accurately Reads Radiation Levels in 20 Seconds
  • Simple Enough for a Child to Use, but as Accurate as Professional-Grade Equipment
  • Reads Accumulated Dose for Total Exposure
  • Utilizes the Same SBM20-1 Geiger Muller Tube as Military-Grade Geiger Counters
  • Made in the Russian Federation
  • UPC: 682670705159
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