Monadnock PR-24 Control Baton

The Monadnock PR-24 control baton is an expandable baton used for non-lethal force, especially in matters of law enforcement and in self-defense situations. The side handle is perfect for offensive and defensive maneuvers, including: striking, blocking and controlling attackers. If you’re looking for a non-lethal weapon that is perfect for self-defense, look no further than the Monadnock PR-24 control baton.

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The Monadnock PR-24 control baton is perfect for those seeking a non-lethal alternative for self-defense. They are noted for their utility in both offensive and defensive maneuvers and are great for subduing and controlling attackers. Constructed almost entirely from anodized aluminum and coated with a black polycarbonate finish, these control batons are both durable and easy-to-use. The straight handle features a no-slip, knurled grip while the side handle features a grenade grip and a Trumbull Stop that both maximizes baton retention and aids in control techniques. It is aptly named due to its overall length when fully expanded – 24 inches. It has a diameter of 1.25 inches and when collapsed it measures approximately 14 inches. The PR-24 is a little heavier than the MX-21, weighing in at 24 ounces. With its side handle and heavier weight, it is not as easily concealed as its little brother. However, it is still one of the most popular choices among police and other law enforcement agencies.

Several features make the Monadnock PR-24 control baton a more desirable baton than others on the market. Many batons are based on a friction lock, which is often unreliable and may either collapse at inopportune times or get stuck in the locked position. The PR-24 features a positive locking mechanism (mechanical lock) that uses a pin and spring to keep the baton locked in position until you are ready to collapse it. It also means that you’ll never have to bang your baton on the ground or another solid surface to get it to collapse – just depress the pin and easily collapse the shaft. The other impressive feature is the inclusion of the side handle. As noted, the side handle allows the baton to be held in such a way that will protect your forearm when attempting to cover your head from blows. It can also be used for several controlling techniques, when subduing an attacker by force is not ideal.

  • Authentic London Police Issued PR-24
  • Made in the USA by Monadnock
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Overall Rating
Review by Matthew
Bought this to keep in the truck, wasn't supposed to be this much fun. Definitely a used product, but only aesthetically, as it feels solid, and works beautifully. Handle was a little loose on mine, but a couple turns of the allen wrench and it's very tight again. Baton does slide out smoothly, and locks into place, with a hard swing. I hope I never have to use it in a real life situation, but at this price point, a great investment and handy tool to have, should the need ever arise to use it.
Overall Rating
Review by Ian
I can only echo the other reviews; this is quite the prize.
Aluminum body with polycarbonate handle and extension, great price, a few battle scars, and an allen screw to remove the handle if you wanted a straight baton.
A great buy with the "Mil-Tec Nomex Action Gloves" (you will want these, your knuckles will thank you); perfect combination.
Overall Rating
Best deal out there!
Review by Braxton
When I first saw this deal I was surprised at how low priced they were. After I researched the pr-24 and saw how good of a baton it was and how expensive it was brand new, I decided to order one and see how I liked it. I recieved it today and I personally think you cant go wrong with this purchase. Mine has some cosmetic wear on it, but its been used by police. I like that its a great quality baton for such a low price. Several reviews have said they put oil on it to losen up the action of it. I personally put a little oil on mine and it opens nice and smooth. I ordered 3 more today because I like them so much. The PR-24 is a high quality, tought built, and reliable tool. I recommend this product and the only reason I wouldnt is if you prefer a brand new finish on your baton because these do show cosmetic wear as I mentioned previously however they function as they should and its cool to have a baton that has been actually used by london police officers.
Overall Rating
you wont be disappionted
Review by brian
I was a little gun shy at first but I read the other reviews and ordered 3 to check them out. I was pleased when I opened the box! They are heavy duty batons!! They had some light scratches from storage (so what) but they all snapped down with no problem!! My teen age sons absolutely loved them!! For $9.99, you can't go wrong. I ordered 5 more right after for stocking stuffers!! Both of my orders were of equal condition, light scratches on some and a couple of them needed a little squirt of WD to make them slide easier and it worked great! If they have any left, order them while you can. Perfect to keep in the car for self defense or to give as gifts ! Everybody in my family is getting one for X-mas
Overall Rating
USA quality at a bargain price!
Review by Dennis
These are the real deal, not some cheap foreign knockoffs. Quality construction and smooth operation. The batons I received were silghtly used but not abused and function fine. Great product at a great price.
Overall Rating
Awesome Product
Review by Jerry
The quality of the baton is outstanding! The cosmetics are little less than perfect, but for this price, its a very good baton. I just keep it in my car in case of emergency.
Thankyou Leep Shotting!
Overall Rating
Fantastic buy!
Review by Matthew
The only reason these don't get a five stars for quality is cosmetic. Having some chips and rubbing wear mostly from carrying. They're in top working condition and fully dismantle-able. With an Allen key you can take it down, clean it, replace parts, lubricate, etc.

I have a HEMA practice and Aikido, and thought these would be a fun pair of "folding tonfa" and they serve that purpose well enough that I bought a second pair. I think I'll stop at four.
Overall Rating
Review by Stuart
$14.95 and the one I received was virtually brand new. Can't get a real PR24 for under $60 these days. Grab one for home defense now!
Overall Rating
Review by John C.
Worried when purchased if this was going to be a cheap knock-off. But its the real thing. The extended portion is of a heavy plastic, not metal like my old one. Very happy with it.
Overall Rating
Excellent Condition
Review by John
I was a little Sceptical of buying used equipment at first, but I was extremely satisfied when I received my PR24 Collapsable Baton. It was in "Almost New" Condition. Very Happy with my purchase and I will definitely make more purchases in the future as well as highly recommend "" to my co-workers...
Thank you

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