Monadnock SX Expandable Baton

Monadnock SX Expandable Baton

The Monadnock SX Expandable Baton is a top-of-the-line police baton made by Monadnock. These batons are designed to give police and security professionals a battle proven baton for responding to mass public disturbances.


Description / Monadnock SX Expandable Baton

The Monadnock SX Expandable Baton features Monadnock's pin-positive push button mechanism to keep it from collapsing. When you need to collapse the baton, it is as simple as pushing this pin with no need to bang the baton on a hard surface. With the impressive 36" fully extended length and right-sized 24" collapsed, the SX Baton is ready to take on the threats of today where public mass disturbances are more common. Included with each SX Baton is the Monadnock Swivel Baton Holder allowing you to carry this baton on your belt.

  • Made in the USA by Monadnock
  • Issued to US Military Police
  • Polycarbonate Construction with Knurled Grip
  • Weight Forward Shaft Technology for Increased Knock Down Effectiveness
  • Includes Swivel Baton Holder
  • Dimensions: 24" Collapsed, 36" Extended, 1.25" Diameter

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Manufacturer US Army Surplus

Customer Reviews

Review by Logan
This baton is huge! I can easily use it as a walking stick or impromptu baseball bat (holding the small end). I am a Kali instructor, and love the reach and power of this product. It comes with a swivel style belt sheath that actually works pretty well. I would never carry such a large fighting tool as a civilian... But it could be carried if necessary. I use two hands to snap it into position because it requires a huge motion with a wide Arc to deploy, and pressing the button to release it is not easy. Mine lives behind the seat in my truck. I would trust this to hold up in real world, high impact doubt about it.

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