Mosin Nagant Recoil Pad

Mosin Nagant Recoil Pad

This comfortable heavy-duty buttpad is a drop-in replacement for the steel butt plate on the Mosin Nagant and variants. Adds 1” to stock length and helps to tame felt recoil.

Description / Mosin Nagant Recoil Pad


  • Mosin Nagant Recoil Pad
  • Reduces Recoil by 40%
  • Uses Existing Buttplate Screws
  • No Tapping or Drilling Required
  • Non-Slip Rubber
  • UPC: 858226001307

Customer Reviews

Very Comfortable
Review by Dominic
For me, i need this when I'm going to shoot a few hundred rounds though my mosin. Helps so that my shoulder isn't bruised and sore after shooting
Better than a slip on
Review by Marc
I had an old limbsaver pad but it did form to the Mosin buttstock well. This recoild pad was a much better fit and easier on the eye. It works also so its the whole package.
fits snug on my 91/30
Review by thomas
This pad works well I just drill out the holes in the pad all but the last 2 and good to go
Review by Jacob
Good fit and feel. Gives you a lot longer range time and a better length of pull. I was going to get a new stock until I found this now my original stock is perfect.
good for length of pull
Review by brian
A great way to add length of pull for taller/larger shooters.Rubber seems rugged and doesn't distract from the look of the rifle like a slip on might. Looks like it was meant to be there.
Does not fit the Type 53
Review by AvidShooter
The Type 53 is supposed to be an exact Chinese made copy of the Russian M44 Mosin. Unfortunately that is not the case because the this butt pad did not fit on my Type 53 in the least. The butt of the rifle actually has an almost crescent shape whereas the butt pad is flat. Regardless the pad is very high quality for the price and I'm keeping it to put on a M91/30 that I plan to get in the future.
Don't buy a new stock!
Review by David
After refinishing the ugly stock on my 91/30, I needed something to allow me to shoot more than 20 rounds at the range before my shoulder said enough. This pad works as well as a Pachmeyer slip-on, but looks better and the added length of pull made the stock more comfortable. I like the aggressive look as well.
Must have for M44s
Review by Jose USMCR
My M44 without it was just nasty to shoot. I like it also because it wont slip in your shoulder while loading or shooting. Great buy.
Must have for any Mosin Shooter
Review by Love to Keepshootin'
I finally got around to installing this. Get rid of that mule kicking metal buttstock plate.

You know what I mean. If you have blue marks after 100 rounds of 7.62x54R through your Mosin than get this.
Today I finally got home without a sore shoulder.
I might just drill out the holes in the pad and see if it reduces the kick even more.
helpful, but not classic!
Review by Michael
I did enjoy it at first, but i ended up going back to the steel. I just didn't like the way it looked or the extra distance it put between me and the rear sight.
shoulder saver
Review by cody
This is a must have for any mosin owner. Before the recoil pad I hated putting more than ten rounds down range at a time. Now my girlfriend even loves to shoot it!!
Perfect for the 91/30
Review by Nicholas
This fits snug on my 91/30 and gives me about an extra 1 inch of pull! It's great for lowering the recoil as well.
Works great for tall/long arm shooters too
Review by Ned
The recoil pad fits easily on the rifle and can be hand bent to fit even tighter. One big advantage, beside the padding of the recoil, is that it makes the stock about one inch longer. This really helps shooters that need that extra length.
Thank God!
Review by Beak
Finally something that lets me shoot my Polish M-44 for more then a couple of boxes of ammo.
Great fit
Review by Andrew
This thing is great for extended shooting sessions, fits like a glove over the metal butt plate.
Outstanding Value For The Money!!
Review by Patrick
I have a 91/30 and I put a few rounds through it.....until my shoulder starting talking back!!! That steel buttplate smacks you good!! I bought this Recoil Pad and that has tamed it down considerably! Thanks KeepShooting for supplying the much needed accessories and for your excellent customer service! I will be back!
Save your Shoulder
Review by Russel
Took my Keepshooting Mosin out to the range and made it about 25 rounds before my shoulder told me to quit. Definitely need something to help knock the recoil down. I echo the sentiments of those other posters. Fits the rifle well, reduces the kick, and is a great value for the money.
works great
Review by Apache Gunsmithing
I have 2 M44"s and a 1934 hex 91/30, and all of my weapons have this butt pad, well worth the money, as everyone that owns one of these weapons they kick like a mule and this tames it down, bite the bullet and get one, you won't be sorry.
Much needed pad
Review by Jackson
I put 5 rounds through my M91/30 when I quickly realized that I needed something better than a metal but plate. This pad makes the recoil much more tolerable and extends the stock about an inch for a better feel when shooting.
Like it so far...
Review by Zach
Haven't tried it out yet but it fits and looks good on the rifle. At first I only thought it would help with recoil, but after putting it on I like how much longer it made the rifle. Feels better to shoulder now.

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