Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips (M44 & 91/30)

Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips now offers Mosin Nagant stripper clips. With each package, you get five high-quality stripper clips – each of which holds five rounds of 7.62x54R ammunition. That means each package offers the potential for loading 25 rounds into your Mosin Nagant.

Description / Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips


  • New Production Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips
  • Made from Stamped Metal
  • Includes 5 Stripper Clips

Customer Reviews

Works like a champ!!
Review by Mike
Glad I found these load and shot works great!!
Found the hard to find
Review by Hockeydadmb
Quick delivery, had them in stock, great price & works great. What more can you ask for?
good value, as described.
Review by Marco
good value, as described.
Stripper clips
Review by Kayejay
Very nice quality. First time ordering. Will do again soon. Fast delivery. I ordered them for a buddy. He was very pleased with order. Also like the website. Good description of products and good pics. Recommend them to anyone.
Good value
Review by Survivalism is Freedom
These seem to be quite well made. For the price they are certainly worth it.
Finicky but Good
Review by Tim
I got a couple of packs of these, some work great some don't, the tabs on the end can be susceptible to bend. I've noticed that some of them work better when flipped different ways. I will say though that not all the problems are the clips, I've noticed in other Mosin's that the clip guides have loose tolerances. For the price though buy as many as these as you can! Even if one or two are duds the value is unbeatable.
New Production
Review by L. N.
I have several Mosins which makes having several sets of stripper clips a good idea. These appear to be new production and not military surplus. Should last quite a long time. If you short Mosins these would be a good investment for you.
Great for the price
Review by Michael
I only played with them, but so far these look great to go along with my T53 scout project. For the price, I'm definitely happy.
Excellent Stripper Clips
Review by Perry
These stripper clips work with with my rifle and ammunition, and do just as needed. Get a bandolier, throw the loaded rounds into it, and you've got a great setup. Though they are Chinese, they work just fine.
Not bad
Review by Gabriel
They get the job done. I've never used surplus clips so I can't compare, but with the right methodology and some practice you can get them in there pretty fast. I think I'd rather load 'em in one by one in retrospect anyway though.
not the best but ok
Review by nathaniel
They don't work that well with my guns but they were a good price
Great product Great price
Review by Harry
Brand new clips for the Mosin Nagant.
You can't bet the price or quality
Gets the job done
Review by KP Duty
People either love or hate these. These are not Mauser stripper clips, they are not as nice. The trick to using them is to pull up on the bullet end of the top round and push down on the primer end. I prefer the Warsaw pact style stripper clip, but I don’t think they are available commercially anymore. I don’t know if the Chinese military used this style with its Mosins, but it does do the job.
The first man gets a rifle, the second, ammunition.
Review by GUN NUT
What, how do I fight the German hordes on the banks of the Volga with only one stripper clip of ammo and no gun. Well it happened. I am not saying that you should try to take on armed men with these, but it must have worked somehow. Now if you fine a Mosin laying around, then your set. Just insert into the receiver using the guide rails, pull up on the bullet in the first round of ammunition, and push down with your thumb. The best part is you can re use them. I have hundreds of times.
Good stuff.
Review by Alex
Great price. Seems to load well. A good buy.
mosin strippers clips
Review by Daniel
these are well made clips for the money.
good deal for the money!
Review by Seth
Bought 20 and never looked back. These are great! And a great price too!
happy fingers
Review by powderbob
So far the ones I've got are good and the fitting of the cartridges is with no problem and these are cheap here at KeepShooting too.
Review by Richard
I thought I was getting a Canadian made product from Aim Sports but what I got were those cheap Chinese knockoff stripper clips. The price was good so I'll keep them but only to organize my ammo from rolling off the table. They're flimsy and they spring apart which causes jams.
rimlock guaranteed
Review by brian
because the clip is rounded in the area that holds the rims of the cartridge instead of square, the rounds flop around and the rims get mixed up causing rimlock - everytime. the original russian design was square, which I picked up some elsewhere and it's a world of difference. I also got a huge chunk of flesh ripped out of my thumb finding out that these do not work. Not Keepshooting's fault (they don't make them), their service and other products i've purchased I've been happy with. I really don't see how others are having success with these. original design requires only pushing down on the base of the top round and they go right in. this design is a joke.
Only way to hold your ammo in the field.
Review by Mike
Great Clips to rapidly feed my Mosin Nagant M44.

They are also a great way to neatly store your ammo in your Mosin Pouch, even if you prefer to hand load. It's better than just having loose ammo rattling around.
Great price good stripper clips
Review by AvidShooter
I got 20 clips all together and a few took some minor tweaking to get them to feed properly. This is pretty normal, every pack of stripper clips I have ever gotten has had a few that needed adjustment. After a minor adjustment they all fit and functioned fine in my Type 53. Great price and the stainless finish was a bonus.
does the job for a good price
Review by Marcel
works as expected from keep shooting.
Cheap and Useful Mosin Stripper Clips
Review by Cody
The stripper clips are quite affordable and they are easy to put cartridges in. The clips fit into the stripper clip guide well and make loading the Mosin Nagant internal magazine incredibly easy.
Review by Xavier
A must to not wearing out your fingers! Buy them before they are hard to find!
Somebody pinch me!
Review by Boyle
Stop looking. You buy these or waste your time looking for them cheaper but you won't find them!
Better than one at a time!
Review by Rich
The stripper clip is still the best way to load your Mosin rifle. You just put the load clip in the intended slot and push downward. That's it, your ready to go!
They work like a charm
Review by Austin
The price for these and the quantity you get is unbeatable. I almost feel like making another order and then I'd be more than covered as far as any of my mosins.
great product
Review by michael
They work well in MN91/30, M44, M91 rifles. needs to come in packs of 6.
Cheap Clips hard to find
Review by rodney
10 years ago you could not give these things away, now everyone has a Mosin-Nagant and these have been hard to find at a fair price. The fact these are stains less is a big deal. Stainless is stronger than steel and not so likely to rust. If you have a Mosin, you need these, at least 10-15 of them, they make reloading easy and keeps those clunky 7.62x54 R rounds neat and in order. Those Russian rounds are bad to roll off the shooting table. The Clips keep them handy and they look cool too.
Better than originals.
Review by Robert
Look and work better than the original surplus, for less.
Review by Michael
Once you get the hang of it, these things feed your old mozy like nobody's business! I go through rounds like an AK!
Best deal
Review by Southern boy
Bought this on a Sunday, after work on Friday they were at my door. Loaded them and headed to the range before they closed. The clips worked nicely, I had no problems! Just wished it came in a pack of 6 but at the price I'm ordering more!
unbeatable price
Review by powderbob
I bought some of these before and now about a dozen.You cannot beat the price from KeepShooting anywhere else and the quality is very good.Useful too if you have more than one Mosin/Nagant rifle.
Work well
Review by Boyle
Clips work as intended. Some tabs need adjusting. Packs of SIX would be better since that's how many fit into the ammo pouch. Best price on the inner webs folks!
Great clips!
Review by Nicholas
I wish these came in packs of six because that's how many the pouches are designed to hold, but the ones I received were in excellent condition. I didn't have to work with mine at all, and they functioned fine with my 91/30
Need these
Review by Justin
If you have this gun then you need these, you won't find a better price than from keepshooting!
fine product
Review by powderbob
Very well made and useful.
Best deal I could find
Review by Nick
An excellent addition to my Mosin-Nagant, but unfortunately two of the clips had metal that was so weak they wouldn't hold the rounds. In addition to weak metal, they were improperly shaped, contributing to the problem. The other three were okay, but I had to bend the tabs inward a bit so they wouldn't shed rounds either. I'm not sure if they're supposed to do that, but I gave four out of five stars in quality because two failed to work at all.
Review by james
initially was tight fit with my 91/30, left ammo in for 2 nights and it was better after. i still think it needs better fitting but value wise its ok.
return customer
Review by Frank
First time customer,very happy,will,order again.
product and service
Review by Frank
Impressed with the workmanship of the clips and service was great!
Great Idea to Complete Your Nagant
Review by Dylan
These clips allow you to easily load your Mosim-Nagant at the range. These also fit the 2 Pouch Belt great.
Great deal
Review by Andrew
These things save tons of time on reloading. Got 2 packs. Love em.
These are fantastic!!
Review by Patrick
Once again, I have to say KUDOS to your great team! I ordered 2 packs of stripper clips for my Mosin Nagant 91/30 on Thursday, and they were in my mailbox on Monday!! They work great, the product was packaged well. Thanks once again for your expedient service!! When I buy something online, I want it now, and you guys always deliver!!!!
Stripper Clips without Stripping your wallet
Review by Russel
Purchased these along with the 91/30 and a spam can of ammo. Couldn't help but notice my local gun shop had the exact same stripper clips in their stock, from BTP arms, and they wanted $7 for the same package. I might try lightly oiling them to help the rounds slide into the gun, as there was some slight binding as noticed in the 12/1 review
Nagant stripper clips
Review by Deimos 315
Works great in my 91/30. They work fine except the bullets sometimes move around on the clip causing them to become jammed when I put them into the gun.
fantastic,price is also great
Review by cobra
just a great item well worth the money made very well
best and cheapest stripper clips i ever found
Review by mitch
i have a 1928 tula Mosin Nagant 91/30 and these stripper clips work great with it and its a good deal 5 for $3.95
Cheap make but Do able.
Review by k9 Bob
As was expected a cheap make, but (There is that Big BUTT again), an excellent price and they work Fine. This is a must have accessory for all owners of this weapon.
This is the cheapest I could find .
Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips
Review by Grizz
Great value for anyone shooting an M91/30, M38 and M44 rifles.
Good Value
Review by L. N.
Best price I've found. Worked as expected at the range.
Great product
Review by Brenten
Worked flawless no issue's what so ever great product.
Nagant stripper clips
Review by firemanbb
worked fine in my m44. package says made in china but shows finnish markings. all in all not bad for the money but wish they could have been american.

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