NATO Trangia Stove Set

The Swedish Trangia Cooking Stove is one of the most popular alcohol fueled camping stoves. We purchased a small number of original Trangia stoves, complete with the windscreen, burner, and empty alcohol fuel bottle. We've paired this excellent military issue camping stove with a brand new mess kit. You will find this makes this kit very close to the original Swedish army issued kit. Why not try a Trangia for your next overnight adventure in the woods? You'll see what all the "heat" surrounding this stove is all about.

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  1. Swedish Issue Trangia Burner
  2. Swedish SPRIT 35 Bottle for fueling your Trangia Burner
  3. Swedish Army Trangia Burner Windscreen
  4. Hungarian Mess Kit - Fits Swedish Burner Windscreen
  5. Made in Sweden

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Customer Reviews

Great camp stove
Review by Michael
Verified Buyer
I've been looking for a camping stove. When I saw this one it drew my attention. I like the fact that it uses alcohol and has its own mess kit that nests into a compact, lightweight unit. The design is simple yet reliable, and there is very little that could "break". This rugged little stove is just what I was looking for.
Great little setup for cooking.
Review by sean
Verified Buyer
I wanted to be sure to use my Kit before I left a review. I have never used a Triangia before, So I didnt know what to expect.

I made myself a can of mini ravioli from chef boyardee, the food started to bubble and boil in less than 6 minutes, I was impressed with that.

I do have some questions about the product. It has little holes like it should have jet flames, but it never did that, even after having it run for nearly 25 minutes it just had a large flame coming out of the hole in the center where you light it.

it was also impossible to light when my ceiling fan was running, even if I had the included wind shield over the stove. It did light very easily once I made a "wick" out of a small piece of paper towel I rolled up and put in the alcohol. Maybe my alcohol was just old or something, it was about 5 years old and only 71% alcohol instead of the 91%.

I wonder if kerosene would work in this thing?

the Included mess kit seems pretty nice too, it is Miltec brand and If I remember right it was made in Germany.

My only real complaint is that cooking over the stove makes the bottom of the mess kit or whatever you cook on top of incredibly filthy and sooty. And that soot likes to smear onto whatever it comes into contact with. it cleans off fairly easily with soap, water, and elbow grease.

I will probably buy a couple more, the stove is extremely heavy duty, and the only thing that could cause this thing to stop working is if I lost it somehow.

I would recommend for sure.
Great Item
Review by Linda
Verified Buyer
This is the second kit I have purchased, Both great kits and nested together just fine. With the second purchase the alcohol bottle arrived with no cap but an email solved that problem quickly. I would purchase more often but in my opinion this site has a high cost of shipping compared to others
Review by Bill
Verified Buyer
A new batch of kits. All parts nests together perfectly. A Swedish stove stand, fuel bottle, and military trangia stove. The mess is heavy gauge aluminum that will give many years of service. A great all inclusive kit and very affordable.
Great Value
Review by Justin
Verified Buyer
This is a steal for $25. You could buy the authentic set elsewhere and pay more than double but if you want to use the cook set, than this is the way to go. My set nests perfectly with the wind screen and the bottle and burner fit inside the can.
very nice
Review by Brian
Verified Buyer
Wow. What a package for $10. As a user stated, they aren't actually all made for each other (nesting) but it is a very easy mod. Just take a rotary tool, or even a file to make the notch slightly bigger. Mine looks like they were made for each other, can't tell.

This is a great package deal, a lot of good stuff for $10. Mine were all in brand new condition (2 sets). Outstanding, glad I got 2... I wish they had more, have lots of friends I wish I could refer to get a couple as well.
Great product
Review by Choice
Verified Buyer
I like to build a fire to cook on, but sometimes you are not allowed this is great for those times. Great cook set at stove
great deal !
Review by kenneth
Verified Buyer
This is a great deal. I bought 2 and with a little dremel tool work had the mess kit nesting fairly well in the windscreen. As noted in other reviews , the plastic bottle for the alcohol doesn't fit inside, but I didn't particularly want that stored in something I'm gonna eat out of anyway. I'll probably get one for a friend when they are in stock again.
good value
Review by Daniel
Verified Buyer
Good to have in your bug out kit.well worth the money
It should nest
Review by Logan
Verified Buyer
Overall this is a good set, but I really wish it would nest. The pieces probably could all fit together if the kit was modified but if I can get it to be self contained it'll be perfect. Regardless for $10 it is a good deal.

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