NEBO Folding Lock Blade Utility Knife

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The NEBO Folding Lock Blade Utility Knife is one of those inventions you've come to expect from NEBO. What NEBO has done is taken the standard box cutter utility knife and incorporated it into a folding knife design. Part of this new design features the quick change blade, which accepts most standard utility knife blades, and ensures you are always using a sharp and fresh blade.

The NEBO Folding Lock Blade Utility Knife is a must-have for your tool belt. With the usefulness of a utility knife proven, why not equip yourself with a utility knife that is packed with features like this knife by NEBO. Quick change blade, ergonomic handle, and integrated carabiner clip handle make this lock-blade utility knife a "must have" for anyone who works with their hands.


  • Quick Change Blade System - Accepts Most Standard Utility Knife Blades
  • Ergonomic Handle - Comfortable For Long Term Use
  • Integrated Carabiner Clip Handle - Attach to Gear Easily
  • Folding Knife Style Design
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