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The Norwegian Army NBC Poncho is an authentic poncho designed to help protect soldiers in the Norwegian Army from NBC threats. While you hopefully will never need this poncho for NBC threats, it does make one of the best rain ponchos you can buy. These ponchos pack down into a very small profile allowing you to put one in your bag for emergency use at your next sporting event or outdoor activity.

The Norwegian Army NBC Poncho is an example of the direction protective equipment is taking in most modern military forces. Previously soldiers would be outfitted with heavy, uncomfortable, and confining NBC suits to address threats from NBC attacks. Now with combat uniforms being produced with better man-made fabrics, gas mask performance increased, and other innovations most forces are now issuing ponchos for NBC protection. This is not for cost savings, it is an example of how performance improvements can negate the need for older technology.

While you will likely never face threats from NBC attack, you do face threats from rain and inclement weather. These Norwegian NBC Ponchos are ideal for use as rain ponchos due to their size, color, and the material they are made from. With most NBC ponchos being produced from black material, these olive drab green ponchos will keep you cooler in the heat of the summer storm season than they will. The size of these ponchos is ideal for both coverage as well as storage with them packing down into a small profile that will fit into a bag or cargo pocket.

  • Authentic Norwegian Army NBC Poncho
  • Comes Packed in Original Bag
  • NSN# 8415-25-148-5886
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