Norwegian Army NBC Poncho

The Norwegian Army NBC Poncho is an authentic poncho designed to help protect soldiers in the Norwegian Army from NBC threats. While you hopefully will never need this poncho for NBC threats, it does make one of the best rain ponchos you can buy. These ponchos pack down into a very small profile allowing you to put one in your bag for emergency use at your next sporting event or outdoor activity.

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The Norwegian Army NBC Poncho is an example of the direction protective equipment is taking in most modern military forces. Previously soldiers would be outfitted with heavy, uncomfortable, and confining NBC suits to address threats from NBC attacks. Now with combat uniforms being produced with better man-made fabrics, gas mask performance increased, and other innovations most forces are now issuing ponchos for NBC protection. This is not for cost savings, it is an example of how performance improvements can negate the need for older technology.

While you will likely never face threats from NBC attack, you do face threats from rain and inclement weather. These Norwegian NBC Ponchos are ideal for use as rain ponchos due to their size, color, and the material they are made from. With most NBC ponchos being produced from black material, these olive drab green ponchos will keep you cooler in the heat of the summer storm season than they will. The size of these ponchos is ideal for both coverage as well as storage with them packing down into a small profile that will fit into a bag or cargo pocket.

  • Authentic Norwegian Army NBC Poncho
  • Comes Packed in Original Bag
  • NSN# 8415-25-148-5886

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Customer Reviews

Nice item

Review by Nephi F.
Verified Buyer


Packaged nicely.

Review by Dewanna K.
Verified Buyer

Haven’t actually used this product. I can just say it is a relatively large, durably wrapped product. It’s sitting In my EDC backpack I keep in my vehicle. Hope I don’t need it. But I’m sure it’s heavy duty.

It's only an emergency poncho/shelter for one time use

Review by Jolene B.
Verified Buyer

It was cheap

Not to heavy,great coverage.

Review by Kelcey U.
Verified Buyer

For my bug out kit.

Perfect for a get home bag.

Review by Jaqueline H.
Verified Buyer

This seems to be a very good quality emergency poncho. Great size and weight. Will fit almost anywhere as it comes packaged. Mine even came with a ziploc bags with drain holes to store it in after use. Heavy trash bag like material. Better than any dollar store poncho out there.

GREAT to carry in bike bag!

Review by Rania R.
Verified Buyer

We recently took a big vacation that included bringing and riding our bikes. Since it was mid-March we had to be prepared for anything from snow/ice (which we got) to rain (which we got) to warm, sunny days (which we also got). We got these ponchos to carry in our rear bike bags in the event of rain.

Luckily, we didn't get any rain while riding, but we did have several occasions where we had to pack/load/unload/walk/hike in the rain, and these ponchos were great. They fold up really small, they're lightweight, and they're extremely waterproof.

If they have any negative it's that they aren't very durable, but we expected that.. They certainly lasted for our trip, but I wouldn't expect them to last through more than a dozen or so uses before developing tears.

But, if you can appreciate these as relatively cheap insurance that you can use a few times then replace, they're great.

Perfect for unexpected rain..

Review by Yuseff V.
Verified Buyer

Way too many times coming home from a 4 mile walk with my dog, it started to rain. Never fails it happens 1 and a half miles from home. This item is light weight. I just throw it into my backpack. I have used it several times. It is heavy duty. I even had to use it to protect me from cold. It folds up neatly and placed back into the pouch it came with! I love it.

Loud trash bag—cannot reuse.

Review by Alfredia C.
Verified Buyer

It’s like a really loud trash bag that you absolutely won’t reuse. Does NOT move easily and catches the wind. The head/neck is compartment is small. Do not recommend. Over priced.

Nice Poncho, Eh Bag

Review by Myra R.
Verified Buyer

The poncho itself is nice, and the store bag is compact so that it doesn't take up a lot of space. That said, the bag is so compact that you are going to have a really hard time folding the poncho back up. It is possible, just not easy.

Worth the cost!!!

Review by Climmie H.
Verified Buyer

The product was packaged good and am undamaged. Have not haved an opportunity to use this product, am currently pleased with the product!!!

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