NVA Chicom T-51 Canteen

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The North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong used this CHICOM canteen during the Vietnam War. Based on the common and effective Type 51 canteen that was then in use with the People's Liberation Army, the Chinese gave this canteen in massive numbers to their communist allies in North Vietnam.

The North Vietnamese Army received considerable amounts of military aid from the Communist Chinese. One of the items they received in large numbers were these army canteens that are derived from the PLA Type 50 or Type 51 Canteen.

  • Authentic Vietnam War Era Canteen
  • Given to the NVA by Chinese Army
  • Made from Aluminum - Painted Olive Drab Green
  • Rubber Stopper Type Cap
  • Canvas Olive Drab Webbing with Sling
As these PLA Type 51 canteens are surplus and from war use, please anticipate minor variations from the canteen pictured. Mainly there may be areas where the paint has worn, or the canvas webbing strap may be khaki colored instead of olive drab green. These are not reproductions or brand new items, so expect some differences from the canteen pictured in areas like finish and color.
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