Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove LC9

The Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove is a custom designed enhanced grip for the Ruger LC9, LC380, Kahr PM9 and PM40. Designed to not only provide a better grip, but also to reduce felt recoil when firing your pocket pistol.

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The Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove is a custom made grip for the Ruger LC9, LC380, or Kahr PM9 and PM40. With an easy-to-install design and immediate benefit, this is one accessory that is a "must-have" for your Ruger LC9.

  • Custom Molded for the Ruger LC9, LC380, Kahr PM9 or PM40
  • Easy to Install - No Gunsmithing Required
  • Made in the USA by Pachmayr
  • Recognized as the World's Finest Grip for the Ruger LC9

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Customer Reviews

Very comfortable
Review by Cicily E.
Verified Buyer
fit perfectly. Feel very comfortable. Improved handling for me.
It helped my grip
Review by Kerstin A.
Verified Buyer
Great product.
Review by Lizzette M.
Verified Buyer
Excellent grip device. Slips right on with no boiling or windex. Helps with recoil and comfort. I am very surprised it works this well. I recommend.
Good fit
Review by Damita G.
Verified Buyer
This Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove Is a perfect fit on my Ruger Ec9s.
Secure grip
Review by John E.
Verified Buyer
I use these on all of my smaller autos. They provide a better grip for better accuracy without detracting significantly from the concealability of the gun.
Fits great on my gen 4 Diamondback DB9
Review by Kourtnie I.
Verified Buyer
This sleeve added a bit of grip cushioning to the snappy little gen 4 DB9, which it could use, and was simple to install.
It depends on which gun you install this on
Review by Letisia F.
Verified Buyer
Each of the Pachmayr grip glove models fits many different guns. This one, model 05177, can fit Ruger LC9, Kahr PM9, and they just added SIG P365 to that list lately. I bought this original for my Kahr. After I got my new P365, I took if off the Kahr and put on the SIG. It was easy to install, you can just rub it on (slowly so you don't end up tearing it). But because it's so easy to install, it's also easy to move around, but that kinda depends on which gun it's install on: On the Kahr it stayed put, under recoil, no matter how many rounds you fire in a session, it never moved. On the P365 it's a different story: It'd start to move after just a few dry firing. After about 100 rounds, it slid down to the bottom of the grip all by itself.

The thickness is about 1 to 1.5mm in the thinnest part (front and back strap), and about 3mm in the thickest (palm swell area). It adds substantial bulk to your grip. On a single stack gun like the Kahr, or a semi-double stack like the P365 which has the same width as a single stack, this is a good thing. It's very squishy as it's made from the same or similar material as their Decelerator grips for revolvers, which makes the grip much more comfortable in the hand. I also tried the 05175 model for the Glock 26. That model has an opening for the finger groove position, and that helps to keep the grip glove in place. But the bulk it added to the G26 was too much. I used to use my G26 with the medium back strap installed, so I took the back strap off and put the grip glove on. It was much fatter with the grip glove than the factory medium back strap. So much I ended up returning that grip glove.

Update: I've taken this grip sleeve off and replaced it with the one for Glove 42/43 ( This version, part #05177, kept sliding down and covered up the two cut out areas at the bottom of the grip. Those two cut outs are for easy magazine removal when the mag gets stuck. Since 05177 is so long when I pushed it to expose the cut outs, the top became over-stretched so it would just slide down on its own. The one for G42/43 (#05161) is much shorter so it doesn't cover the cut outs, and doesn't slide down at all.

After installing this #05177 version, the widest point on the P354 grip measures 34.21mm or 1.347 inch. With #05161, the widest point on the grip measures 31.95mm or 1.258 inch.
Review by Megumi Z.
Verified Buyer
Wow what a difference...
This GRIP improves the feel and hold of the gun.
The Feel and the Draw what an improvement....
Review by Chaka Y.
Verified Buyer
A great little grip... Love it :-)
Forget it
Review by Billy H.
Verified Buyer
I generally respect Pachmayr and like their products. However, putting their grips on my little LC9 did little to improve the gun. It began to have cartridge ejection problems after installation. And since it is a concealed gun for most people, these sticky grips will cause the gun to be harder to both conceal or draw. I took them off and was happier for it.
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