Polish Army TAJ-43 Field Phone

The Polish Army Field Phone is a Polish army communication device designed to allow communication between two points in the field. This self-contained army field phone is great for connecting remote camps or other installations where cell phones do not work and land lines are unavailable. Simply run wire between each phone and you have instant secure communications.

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The use of military field phones has been established since World War II and each standing army has fielded their own version of the field phone. This particular field phone is from the Polish Army and is remarkably similar to the German Army field phone. While we haven't tested it we wouldn't be surprised to find out that these Polish Field Phones can be used with German or Czech units.

This particular field phone is designated the TAJ-43 in the Polish Army. There are dozens of Youtube videos showing the features and functions of this excellent military surplus field phone. Ideal for actual use or even just collecting for those who are interested in Polish military artifacts.

  • Authentic Polish Army Surplus
  • Includes Handset and Carry Strap
  • Most Dated 1955
  • Wiring Diagram Inside of Carry Case Lid

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Customer Reviews

Very Good
Review by Grok
Verified Buyer
I ordered two of these units. They were in good condition and are very rugged. I haven't tested them yet but the bakelite housings include a schematic diagram. Judging from that, even if they don't work, they should be readily repairable. I will buy more of these if they become available again.
SHTF cellphone backup
Review by Paul
Verified Buyer
Mine came in good shape. Very heavy duty. I bought this in case we have a major power outage. I figured on setting my town up with communications just in case.I haven't tried yet. But when I get the time I will. Confident that it will work

Neat Cold-War relic with several novel uses
Review by Beerman
Verified Buyer
Ordered two of the TAJ-43 phones. I plan to tinker with them for use as "intercoms" for my work shop. Both appear unused and in nice shape (the bakelite housings are barely scratched).
Neither of the two phones came with the "Detachable Extra Listening Device" that KeepShooting says are included so don't expect them (I was disappointed but it shouldn't effect my plans for their use).

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